Island Java Lava Waikoloa

Island Lava Java – Jumpstart Your Day with Pure Deliciousness in Waikoloa
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4 / 5
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Whether you want to start your day off right or need a midday pick-me-up, skip on over to Island Lava Java. At this popular Waikoloa eatery, you can satisfy all your cravings for sweet and savory decadence in an instant. Once you make your selections, take your items on the go or stick around to soak in the good vibes.

- The Local Expert Team

Are you looking for a great way to put a little pep in your step as you enjoy all your Big Island adventures? If so, you just need to head on over to Island Lava Java to sample their sweet and savory creations. You can kick your day off right with a taste of their 100% Kona coffee drinks plus pancakes, eggs benedicts, and so much more. Or swing by in the early afternoon hours for a quick pick-me-up and a hearty meal.

No matter when you want to drop by, you’ll need to go on a cruise to Waikoloa Road to land at their front doors. Their eatery sits in the heart of Waikoloa Village, so you can always count on finding plenty of free parking. Once you grab a parking spot, walk right inside and head up to the counter to order your takeout selections. Prefer to stick around and eat right on site? Just grab a menu and find a comfy seat indoors or out.

After getting a chance to put in your order, you can count on the team to put their all into whipping up each item with flair. They work fast but never compromise on quality. They expertly transform the freshest island ingredients into meals and drinks to remember, treating you to homemade goodness through and through. On top of that, they infuse all they do with their bright aloha spirit. Friendly vibes abound as a result, making this a great place to settle down to enjoy your meal.

If you’re not getting takeout, you can eat your items in their cozy dining room – or head outside to relax in the warm sun rays while you chow down. Despite being in the middle of a shopping center, the area stays pretty quiet throughout much of the day. They offer free wi-fi, too, so you can get a little work done or catch up with your online friends if you wish.  

Their most popular items are:

Café Au Lait
When you want to fully enjoy pure Hawaiian coffee at its finest, treat yourself to the Café Au Lait. This drink starts with freshly brewed 100% Kona coffee. After that, they steam milk until light and frothy, and then pour it over the coffee. Want your drink cold instead? Just let them know and they’ll happily pour it over ice right at the end.  

Go “Island Style” Pancakes
A true fan favorite, the Go “Island Style” Pancakes promise to tantalize your tastebuds with their bold tropical flavors. They create this iconic dish by whipping up their lightly sweet pancake batter and popping it on the grill until ultra fluffy. Then, they top their pancakes with sliced bananas and macadamia nuts before pouring on the coconut syrups and even more fresh fruit.

Ali’i Chicken Sandwich
For a hearty lunch that’ll leave you energized for the rest of the day, try the Ali’i Chicken Sandwich. This popular dish begins with garlic and herb marinated chicken breast grilled to perfection. After that, they put it on a housemade brioche bun and add provolone cheese, crispy fried onions, organic arugula, and chipotle aioli. Each sandwich comes with your choice of an organic green salad, sweet potato fries, French fries, or soup.

Despite closing well before the dinner hours, they still go big on dessert. Bread pudding, cinnamon rolls, malasadas, ice cream, chocolate cake, and so much more all await your arrival any time of the day. But if you want the ultimate tropical dessert, set your sights on the Pineapple-Mango-Lime Cheesecake. This dessert starts with their house lime cheesecake set on a ginger crumb crust. Then, they top it with their housemade mango coulis and plenty of fresh pineapple.

Insider Tips:
-Looking to enjoy their cinnamon rolls? You’ll need to arrive well before 8:15 am. Otherwise, you’ll undoubtedly find that they’re all sold out for the day.
-When dining outside, keep your eye on the wild chickens. If given the chance, they’ll swoop in for a taste of what you’re having.