Hilo Burger Joint

Hilo Burger Joint – Family-Friendly, Filling Food and a Local Pub Feel
The Bottom Line:

When a craving for a burger hits on the Big Island’s east side, go to Hilo Burger Joint. The menu has an entire page dedicated to its burger selection, including vegan, vegetarian, and non-beef options. Equally varied are the beers on tap at the bar. If you’re in Hilo, check out this spot for filling food and a family-friendly atmosphere.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

For burgers and more to satisfy everyone’s tastes, stop by Hilo Burger Joint on the Big Island’s east end. Burgers, beers, and music await you in a family-friendly space. Locals and tourists alike know this restaurant for its hearty fare and casual atmosphere.

Burger options beyond your wildest dreams anchor the menu at Hilo Burger Joint. With 21 variations for the standard hamburger, such as California, Greek, Loco, or Hilo Bay burgers, no matter your tastes, you’ll find a satisfying burger to meet it. Even if you don’t want a complex sandwich with several toppings, you can choose a simple burger or cheeseburger, both also made with the same high-quality, locally raised Kulana grass-fed beef used in all the burgers.

Those who don’t eat beef can also find “burgers” on the menu that use alternatives, such as turkey, salmon, market-fresh fish, house-made vegan patties, chicken, or vegetarian Garden Burgers. If you prefer a beefless option, replace the beef on any of the specialty burgers with turkey patties, salmon patties, or Garden Burgers. You can also choose from among the many sandwiches, salads, or bowls if you’d prefer something that is not a hamburger. Even the simplest of dishes on the menu undergoes the same care during preparation as the most complex of burgers.

To pair with the numerous burgers, the restaurant includes a full bar with more than 20 beers on tap, many of which are local. These on-tap options change regularly. Ask your server about current options when you visit. The bar also has various spirits and cocktails to quench your thirst.

Try one of the recommendations from the Hilo Burger Joint menu below:

Fire and Ice French Fries
Hand-cut french fries get the buffalo wings treatment in the Fire and Ice French Fries. You choose classic or wedge fries, both hand-cut. The kitchen sprinkles the fries with blue cheese, bacon bits, ranch dressing, and Frank’s Red Hot sauce. These fries are everything you love about hot wings and fries in one bowl. They pair great with any of the 21 beers on draft.

Loco Burger
To create a Loco Burger, the kitchen starts with a standard 6-ounce burger patty on a bun. They then top it with a fried egg, gravy, mushrooms, and onions. While messy enough to need a fork and knife to eat, this burger features the flavors of loco moco. Alternatively, order your Loco Burger as a bowl that replaces the bun with two scoops of rice and comes with tomato and lettuce for a Beef Loco Moco.

Au Jus Burger
As a hamburger take on the traditional French Dip sandwich, which you can also order from the menu, the Au Jus Burger replaces the roast beef in the sandwich with a 6-ounce burger patty. A robust ciabatta bun holds together the burger, which comes topped with mushrooms, onions, horseradish, and Swiss cheese. The Au Jus Burger comes with a side of au jus sauce for dipping. Diners have likened this dish to the flavors of prime rib with horseradish.

Lava Burger
Spicy food lovers will want to order the Lava Burger. This burger will open your tastebuds and nasal passages with its jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, onions, and Frank’s Red Hot sauce. Pair this burger with the Fire and Ice French Fries for a double boost of heat from the hot sauce on both and the cooling flavor of ranch on the fries.

Hilo Burger Joint will meet your cravings for filling, hearty burgers and similar fare in a casual, family-friendly restaurant.

Insider Tips:
-The restaurant doesn’t have a parking lot, only street parking. Due to the low availability of spots, you may need to park farther away than expected and walk.
-Check the Facebook page for information on upcoming live music performances.
-Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park just south of Hilo before or after fueling up at Hilo Burger Joint.