Big Island Delights

Big Island Delights – Top Spot in Hilo for Tasty Cookies, Candy, and So Much More
The Bottom Line:

Do you want to bring home uniquely Hawaiian cookies, candies, and so much more? If so, put Big Island Delights on your itinerary. A family-owned and operated joint in Hilo, this cute store has all the tastiest treats just waiting to serve as the perfect gifts for your family, friends - and yourself, of course. 

- The Local Expert Team

If you want to wow all your family and friends back home, stop by Big Island Delights for the tastiest gifts around. A definite Hilo favorite, this little shop has all the best Hawaiian flavors on tap in the form of cookies, candies, and so much more. You can buy their items individually or in beautiful gift boxes, making it easy to bring home all their fan favorites.

Jeff and Carla Takamine kickstarted their operations in 1996 by handcrafting premium cookies from scratch. Candy confections of all kinds joined the party soon after that, allowing them to build out a full line of sweet deliciousness. They didn’t stop there either. Through the years, they’ve added so many wonderful goodies to their lineup, including bagel chips, jerky, and coffee.

Although it’s all about the amazingly rich flavors in every item, their presentation is second to none as well. Every item gets carefully packed in bags, boxes, and the like to best protect the integrity of each piece. The packaging highlights the handcrafted beauty of each piece as well, making them a joy to give away to all your loved ones. Even more, care goes into curating all their gift baskets and boxes, so you always know you’re going to get the best of the best in each order.

To see what they’re all about, you just have to visit their adorable shop on Mamalahoa Highway and East Lanikaula Street. Even before you walk through their front doors, you’ll get to gaze through the huge front windows at all their amazing offerings. Then, as you step inside, warm alohas will come your way, inviting you to come to check out all the treats in your midst. Feel free to take your time browsing all their items and enjoying any samples that come your way. Then, be sure to buy extra of all your favorites or you’ll have a hard time giving them away.

Come by to check out the:

Macadamia Nut Snowball
If you want melt-in-your-mouth goodness on hand at all times, load up on the Macadamia Nut Snowball cookies. These little cookie spheres come absolutely covered in a generous dusting of powdered sugar. Then, as you bite through that, you’re hit with the decadent mac nut flavor throughout every last crumbly bit.

Passion Fruit Shortbread
For pure tropical fruit excellence wrapped in a rich butter cookie, go with the Passion Fruit Shortbread, for sure. Each batch of their winning shortbread cookie batter gets an infusion of fresh lilikoi puree. Then, they bake each one to perfection before wrapping them up for your pure enjoyment.

Furikake Maui Onion Chips
When only salty snacks will do, you need their Furikake Maui Onion Chips in your life. They cut each potato chip super thin, and then fry them up until crispy, bubbly, and golden. After that, they dust them in Maui onion and furikake seasoning to take the flavors to the next level.

After returning home, you’re likely to find yourself dreaming of getting just one more bite of all their sweet and savory snacks. Luckily, you can just zip on over to their website to shop online for all their most popular products. From their shortbread and mochi crunch to nori chips and macadamia nuts, you can find it all. They even have many gift baskets available just in case you want to share the love.

Insider Tips:
-All online orders take three to five days to process. You’ll likely get your items about a week after checking out.
-Shipping costs vary depending on your location and the overall size and weight of your items.
-Follow their Instagram page for fun giveaways, event announcements, and so much more.
-Don’t want to carry all your items back home? Just ask them to ship them out to your doorstep on the last day of your trip.
-If you’d like omiyage to enjoy on the plane, just let them know and they’ll package them up just right for your travels.