Sam’s Hideaway

Sam's Hideaway – Where to Drink, Make Friends, and Be Merry in Kailua-Kona
The Bottom Line:

If you want to sip on the tastiest drinks, make new friends, and have a whole lot of fun, jet on over to Sam’s Hideaway. Set in the heart of Kailua-Kona, this laidback bar has proudly served as the locals’ favorite watering hole since 1988. Jukebox music plays all day, and then karaoke lights up the evening hours.

- The Local Expert Team

Whenever you want to sidle up to the bar and enjoy delicious drinks, Sam’s Hideaway is definitely the place to go. Since 1988, they’ve proudly served as the top spot in Kailua-Kona to wind down after work. And yet, despite winning the favor of locals all around, they’re equally loved by tourists as well.

Everyone can count on making fast friends upon arriving at the bar, and then having a wonderful time at every visit. They keep the jukebox playing amazing tunes all day long, and then go all out with karaoke in the evening. As the music plays, friendly conversation flows from one end of the bar to the other. By the end of the night, all the patrons know each other’s names, often promising to stay in touch well after going back home.

The servers go big on the aloha, too, ensuring that you feel right at home in an instant. You can expect a warm welcome as you waltz through the doors. Then, their quality service continues through your visit, so you’ll always walk away wholly impressed with the experience. The bartenders are amazingly talented behind the bar as well, always knowing just how to whip up whatever cocktail you dream up. Prefer beer, wine, or hard cider? They can do that, too.

Even though they put their all into making every drink, they keep their offerings truly affordable for all. So, you can sip on whatever suits your fancy without worrying about breaking the bank. The only drawback is that they don’t have a food menu to browse when you start to feel snacky. Instead, they might roll out freshly popped popcorn from time to time. But it’s really better to bring your own food instead, so you don’t have to cut your visit short when hunger strikes.

Their top items include:

Tropical Snitch
For a lovely kick of all the best island flavors, you cannot go wrong with the Tropical Snitch. This drink features Redemption bourbon mixed with pineapple and lilikoi juice. Then, they hit it with Ron Diaz Dark Rum to make every last sip even more robust.

Kapena Spicy Margarita
If you adore sweet, sour, and spicy goodness, treat yourself to the Kapena Spicy Margarita. To create this drink, the bartender adds spicy Hawaiian chili-infused Kapena Tequila plus lightly sweet triple sec. After that, their sour mix joins the party alongside a hint of orange juice.

Mermaid Surprise
The Mermaid Surprise always promises to take you on an ultra-sweet flavor journey highlighted by coconuts galore. They create this drink by pouring in their locally-made Hapa coconut vodka. After that, the melon liqueur lands in the glass before cranberry juice kicks it up a notch.

You can feed the jukebox as you wish to keep your favorite tunes ringing through the pub. Just be ready to belt out all your top songs when the evening hours come around. They charge a small fee for each karaoke song, but it’s well worth getting the chance to go up on stage and sing your heart out. Invite the crowd to join in on your songs as well, so you can get everyone singing together as one. With that move, you’ll undoubtedly make memories to last a lifetime as you enjoy this bar to the fullest.

Insider Tips:
-If you park in the back lot, they will validate your parking for a small fee. You can then keep your car there all day and well into the evening at no extra charge.
-Not sure what you want to sip on? Just ask the bartenders to surprise you with their favorites.
-Watch their Facebook page for announcements about special events, like their St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl Poker Run.
-Unlike other local bars, they open up their doors bright and early in the morning. So, swing by to start off your day right if you wish.