Tea:licious Cafe

Tea:licious Café – Euro-Style Café Serving Tea, Kona Coffee, and Snacky Goodness
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5.0 / 5
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Do you want to get fueled up for all your Kailua-Kona adventures? All it takes is a trip over to Tea:licious Café on Lunapule Road. From specialty tea and Kona coffee to hearty sandwiches and their ever-popular German Breakfast, this euro-style cafe has all the best treats you could ever want.  

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you want to kick your day up a notch, head on over to Tea:licious Café for an energizing drink and snacks galore. At this quaint Kailua-Kona Euro-style cafe, their specialty teas, Kona coffee, and other flavorful drinks promise to rev up your day in an instant. Plus, they serve homemade deliciousness with a smile, so you can always count on feeling 100% impressed at each visit. 

Whether you’re coming in for takeout or want to dine onsite, you’ll instantly notice the care put into creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. With its cozy layout, eclectic décor, and chill ambiance, their beautiful shop has a wonderfully homey feel. And it all comes together as you catch a whiff of the scent of tea and coffee in the air. On top of that, they welcome every last patron through the shop with a bright smile and alohas all around.

Even though they’re a bit outside of the main tourist areas, it’s usually quite busy all day long. Parking can prove challenging, to start, and then it’s quite common to have to wait in line to order. Once it’s your turn, you can walk right up to the counter and let them know what you’d like to enjoy. After that, take a quick look around to see if there’s even a table available. Then, decide whether you’ll dine in-house or take your items to go. If there’s no room to sit down, they’re happy to create your selections fast and then wrap them up for the road if you wish.

But if you do go with takeout, you’ll definitely miss out on their vintage tableware and artistic eye for delightful presentations. Every last item gets made with care, ensuring your selections look as good as they taste. Then, they artfully arrange everything on mismatched fine China, so you feel like you’re at a wonderful tea party. Their cozy dining room takes you back to a simpler time, too, especially if you can land a seat in their high-backed velvety chairs.

Elevate your day with their:

London Fog Tea Latte
If you want to keep it simple without compromising on flavor, go with the London Flog Tea Latte. They make this drink by steeping Earl Grey tea until bright and flavorful. Then, they add vanilla and steamed milk to elevate its flavors even more.

Pink Paradise Specialty Tea
Are you looking to sample imaginative tea creations infused with fresh fruit? Just treat yourself to the Pink Paradise Specialty Tea. This drink begins with strawberry summer tea steeped until all the flavors come through beautifully. Then, they hit it with sparkling water to add plenty of fizz. After that, elderflower syrup goes in, adding a bit more sweetness to the mix. 

German Breakfast
A true local favorite, the German Breakfast comes chockfull of stick to your ribs goodness in every bite. They create this popular dish by plating up cold cut meats, cheeses, and fruits alongside a boiled egg, tomato, and cucumber. Then, they add a croissant and bread rolls, complete with jam and butter. Orange juice completes the picture of perfection right at the end.

Do you want to take your adventures to the next level? Ask about their takeout picnic box. Built for two, this box features a lovely selection of meats, cheeses, olives, and fruit. You get fresh-baked bread alongside as well to help bring it all together. Don’t forget to order your drinks to go, so you can sip in style while munching on your handcrafted picnic box.

Insider Tips:
-If you’d like a fun day out with your loved ones, ask about their afternoon tea parties. They serve finger sandwiches, cakes, and more on adorable tiered trays. Plus, you get to sample all their top varieties of tea, too.
-Not sure how much tea you’ll need for your whole table? Just order the whole pot.