Hina Rae’s Cafe Waimea

Hina Rae's Cafe Waimea -- Counter Serve Breakfast & Lunch Spot With a Generous Menu
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4 / 5
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Hina Rae's Cafe Waimea is a cozy little breakfast and lunch spot located in the heart of Waimea. This local eatery is best known for its sweet and savory menu items that include waffles, sandwiches, breakfast platters, and acai bowls.  

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Hina Rae’s Cafe Waimea is a cozy little café located in the more rural village of Waimea on the Big Island. You’ll find that this is a great place to go when you need quick caffeine or snack boost in the morning or early afternoon.

You will find Hina Rae’s Cafe Waimea tucked at the far end of a line of Wimean stores collectively called the KTA Supermarket Waimea Center. This is a long open-air strip mall type of building with plenty of parking in the front and back for those needing a quick coffee stop as they make their way through Waimea. This shopping center is, after all, conveniently located right on the main throughway of Mamalahoa Highway, one block northeast of its intersection with Lindsey Road. Despite being at the very end of this shopping center, there is no drive-thru window. Yet, the staff here are fast and friendly with phone call orders desired as pick-up and carry-out orders. 

The interior of Hina Rae Cafe Waimea is bright and airy with stained wooden benches nicely paired with stark white tables. This is a counter-serve cafe with orders taken at the back of the location. All food is made to order and most are proudly made with local ingredients. In fact, a big part of the mission statement at Hina Rae Cafe Waimea is embracing sustainability and supporting local purveyors. Their menu really highlights this with fresh Hawaiian-grown fruits and a side seasonal menu. You’ll find a short espresso menu as well. 

There are, however, some things Hina Rae Cafe Waimea doesn’t have that might deter you from making this your coffee and snack spot. First, as of this writing, they do not offer complimentary WiFi. They also do not have in-store restrooms available to customers and instead advise those needing to use one to head to the center court area. Finally, there is one metal bench outside the storefront but no other type of outdoor seating. So no dogs, and if you’re looking to enjoy leaning back and enjoying a coffee outside, soaking in Waimea’s gorgeous landscapes, you’re going to need to get it to go.

Popular menu items at Hina Rae Cafe Waimea include:

Local Boy
Hina Rae’s Cafe Waimea boasts half a dozen delicious waffle orders, but this is a unique one that plays to Hawaiian tastes. The Local Boy features a waffle stuffed with spam and topped with scrambled eggs and even more slices of spam — making it a good pick for those who like sweet, salty, and want a filling meal.

Get In My Belly Pork Belly
This is another deliciously savory menu item that features pork belly roasted until tender and topped with adobe sauce. The dish comes served with a soft-boiled egg, fried, banana, and your choice of side. 

Farmers Market Acai Bowl
There are about a dozen acai bowls on the Hina Rae’s Cafe Waimea menu; all of which come available in a standard size or a half size portion. The Farmers Market acai bowl is a great choice for those looking for fresh local fruit as it comes packed with such. The locally-sourced tropical fruit is likewise paired with granola, chia, hemp seeds, and coconut flakes with a drizzle of raw local honey across the top.

Insider Tips:
-Even if you don’t have to use the restroom, visitors to the Big Island should walk down to the center court area of the KTA Supermarket Waimea Center. That’s because here you will find several display cases with brochures on Hawaiian tour outfitters, attractions, and other exciting locations. There are also several local weeklies and similar publications available at no charge. 
-A nice, nearby spot to enjoy your to-go items outside is Ulu Laau, also called Waimea Nature Park. This park is half a mile west of Hina Rae’s Cafe Waimea and boasts plenty of picnic tables in a picturesque area along the Waikoloa Stream.