South Side Shaka Restaurant & Bar

Shaka Restaurant and Bar – A Popular Naalehu Hangout Serving Tasty Food and Drinks
The Bottom Line:

Are you feeling ravenous after your adventures across the southern shores of the Big Island? If so, you just need to swing by Shaka Restaurant and Bar in Naalehu to get your fill. Good eats, tasty drinks, and chill vibes always ensure you’ll end up wholly satisfied even though their service is gruff at best.

- The Local Expert Team

As you explore the Big Island’s southern shores, plan to swing by Shaka Restaurant and Bar in Naalehu to see just what they have to offer. Well-known as the southernmost bar in the US, this popular joint proudly serves up all the Hawaiian classics with the drinks to match. Their lowkey atmosphere is second to none as well, but their service quality could use a little bit of polish.  

Even though service may lack aloha, locals and tourists happily land here on the regular. Chances are, they’re simply eager to get another taste of their home cooked goodness. Depending on when you come in, you can get breakfast favorites, like eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Once lunchtime rolls around, they switch to their local plates, burgers, fried baskets, and so much more.

Every last item arrives at the table bursting with amazing flavor and in big enough portions for two to share. You definitely won’t want to give up one single bite, however, once you get a taste of what awaits. Fortunately, if you end up unable to finish it all, they’ll give you a bit of foil to cover your dish well enough to hit the road.

In addition to all their fantastic food, they operate a full bar as well. You can get all the drinks you love the most, including local brews and specialty cocktails. They even have frozen cocktails for when you want to enjoy an icy cold treat with a kick. Out of all their drinks, the Kona Brewing Company draft brews get the most love, especially when they receive the newest creations of the season. Want to keep it alcohol free? They can do that, too. Just choose from their juice and soda options or go with a glass of ice water.

Their menu items include:

Shaka Blue Hawaii
When you want to savor all the best Hawaiian flavors, you cannot go wrong with the Shaka Blue Hawaii. Available blended or over ice, this drink starts with a hearty amount of white rum and blue curacao. After that, they kick it up a notch with equal parts pineapple juice and coconut syrup.

Shaka Fish and Eggs
The Shaka Fish and Eggs lets you start the day off right with delicious seafood from local fishermen. When you order this dish, you get two eggs done how you like them, plus grilled fish, of course. On top of that, they also give you either a scoop of rice or a pile of hash browns. Toast lands alongside to bring everything together. 

Shaka Doodle Doo
A true fan favorite, the Shaka Doodle Doo is always the perfect choice when you arrive with a huge appetite. To create this meal, they grill chicken breast until perfectly tender and juicy. You can get yours made plain or have them slather it in teriyaki sauce. Either way, they top it with Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and onions, and then put it on a bun. Both mac salad and French fries come alongside.

Although they serve all their dishes up in huge portions, do your best to save room in your belly. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on their decadent sweet treats, like Apple Crisps, Peaches and Cream Pie, and Lilikoi Cheesecake. Their dessert offerings change often, so you definitely want to check and see what’s on tap during your visit. Can’t manage to take another bite? That’s okay. Just ask for your dessert to go instead.

Insider Tips:
-They only take cash, so drop by an ATM before settling in for a meal and drinks.
-If the lot out front is full, go around back to park.
-On Friday nights, they often have local musicians come play live for their patrons.
-They’re happy to split the check, but there is an extra charge.