Hale Ia Da Fish House

Hale I'a Da Fish House – Serving Up Ultra-Fresh Poke and So Much More in Kamuela
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5.0 / 5
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Do you love to try all the different varieties of poke and other seafood delights? If so, you need to take a trip to Hale I'a Da Fish House in Kamuela. Their ultra-fresh seafood is always out of this world delicious, allowing you to savor all the best ocean flavors every time.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you need amazingly delicious poke and more in your life, plan a visit to Hale I’a Da Fish House. Located in the hart of Kamuela, this small fish market has all the best seafood on tap always. They sell all the fresh fish filets and other seafood you could want, of course, plus premade deli amazingness of all kinds. They even have bento boxes filled with grilled fish and scrumptious sides to remember.  

In order to get a taste of all they have to offer, you need to drop by and get in line. Although they invite you to call in your order before coming out, they’re often too busy to answer the phone. When you get there, don’t be surprised to see that they limit how many people enter their small shop at a time. This could change in the future, but for now, it limits crowding inside, ensuring everyone gets quality service every time.

So, when you get there, you’ll just have to greet your fellow patrons with a hearty aloha, and then figure out who you’re behind in the makeshift line. As you wait outside, the bright sunlight will likely glare down on you, heating things up considerably. They do have a pop-up tent set up, but it doesn’t provide enough shade for all. To make your wait more comfortable, put on your SPF 50+ reef-safe sunblock, plus a wide-brimmed sunhat and shades with UV protection.

Once you make it inside, you’re welcome to browse their offerings at your leisure. Their cold cases are absolutely brimming with amazing seafood delights, including a dozen or more different varieties of poke. As soon as you’re ready to order, let them know which items you want and how much to give you. With the exception of their bento boxes, they sell their offerings by the pound, including the poke. If you want to try several different types of poke, ask to get ¼ pound containers of each to avoid going broke while on your flavor journey.

After getting your items, you can grab a table outside if there are any open. More often than not, you’ll find they’re all filled with happy patrons enjoying their selections. But you could get lucky, so it’s worth a quick look. If there are no seats available, just take your items south to enjoy right on the waterfront at Spencer Beach Park. You can even find BBQ grills there, allowing you to grill up your fresh fish to perfection while taking in the wonderful oceanside views.

Their most decadent poke offerings include:

Wasabi Pistachio Poke
An incredible flavor experience all its own, the Wasabi Pistachio Poke is the way to go when you want a truly complex dish. This popular poke flavor starts with fresh ahi cut into cubes. Then, they toss the fish in their spicy wasabi sauce before adding chopped pistachios to the mix.

Garlic Scallops
For ultra-tender and flavorful goodness in every bite, you cannot go wrong with the Garlic Scallops. This poke favorite starts with fresh scallops cut into thin rounds. Then, they toss them in their rich garlic sauce before sprinkling on the green onions.

Kimchee Crab
The Crab Kimchee poke offers a lightly sweet yet wholly spicy kick in every bite. This dish starts with the precise preparation of their zesty kimchee. After that, they add fresh crab meat to the mix to add a rich, sweet tenderness.

Since everything is prepared fresh each day, they often sell out of their most popular items well before noon. So, for the best selection, plan to arrive in the morning hours. If you cannot make it there until later in the day, then just keep an open mind and get ready to choose from what’s left. You can always come back the next morning if you have your heart set on something that’s sold out.

Insider Tips:
-More often than not, a taco-centric food truck lands in their parking lot, allowing you to round out your meal with even more decadence.
If you arrive early enough, you can often see the fish trucks delivering all the fresh catch fare for the day.