Jade Palace

Jade Palace a Hidden Gem for Great Chinese Food in Waimea
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Enjoy classic Chinese cuisine made with the freshest local ingredients at Jade Palace. This hidden gem should be your next stop in Waimea when you want to fill up with Chinese comfort food without spending a lot.  

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When in Waimea, don’t drive by the shopping center that hosts Jade Palace. This unsuspecting location does not indicate the tasty food that you’ll get inside. In fact, its location in the large KTA Supermarket Waimea Center outdoor shopping mall may help to keep this Chinese restaurant a hidden secret among locals. Jade Palace is the ideal destination for great Chinese food made from local ingredients and exceptional service.

Stray away from the tourist areas to find hidden gems beloved by the locals. Jade Palace is one such place. To meet the needs of busy locals with Chinese food cravings, the restaurant has optimized its online ordering system. Ordering online is simple, and orders are always hot and ready on time. However, if you have time, dining inside the restaurant lets you enjoy the quality service, complimentary hot tea, and a comfortable atmosphere.

An all-you-can-eat lunch buffet brings in many locals. But for the best taste and ability to order dishes not on the buffet, choose your meal off the menu. Whichever option you choose, you will enjoy well-made, quality Chinese food.

The kitchen uses fresh produce to enhance the dishes. Good frying practices also are a hallmark of the expertise of the kitchen staff at Jade Palace Fried foods served always come out perfectly crispy and never greasy.

The menu itself features many favorite and comforting dishes, such as Cantonese roasted duck, fried rice, egg fu yung, won ton soup, lo mein, potstickers, and mapo tofu. Visitors regularly rank Jade Palace as among their top choices for Chinese food on the Island of Hawaii. Try it yourself, and you will likely agree.

When visiting, sample one of the following visitor favorites:

Orange Chicken
For many people, Orange Chicken is their go-to dish at Chinese restaurants. Because they have sampled so many variations on this dish, they know when a kitchen prepares it well. Jade Palace excels in its execution of Orange Chicken. The sauce is sweet without becoming cloying, and the batter is light and crispy without tasting greasy.

Crab Rangoon
Order crispy Crab Rangoon as an appetizer or enjoy it as part of the Lunch or Dinner Special. The former gives you a choice of soup, spring roll, Crab Rangoon, and rice with your meal. The latter offers you a choice of soup and your pick of an appetizer. If you like the crispy, cream cheese-filled Crab Rangoon, make sure to add it to your order.

At Jade Palace, Crab Rangoon is always crispy and never greasy. Visitors describe it as “excellent” and “very good.” This treat will whet your appetite for your entree and won’t leave you feeling too full to enjoy the rest of your meal.

Steamed Fish
Most people don’t think about ordering a healthy option for the taste. But at Jade Palace, the Steamed Fish is both healthy and flavorful. It uses local, freshly caught fish for the best flavor. Visitors report they can taste the freshness of the fish in this entree, which the simple preparation allows to shine through. Other fish entrees, such as the Salt and Pepper Fish have the same freshly caught flavor.

Peking Duck with Bao Buns
You have the option of a whole or half Peking Duck with Bao Buns. The half-size includes eight steamed bao buns while the whole comes with 16. This entree has extra crispy skin and perfect seasoning. Eating the duck on a bun and topping it with peanut sauce creates a sweet, salty, savory combination that is an instant favorite even among those who’ve never had Peking Duck. The restaurant also serves Cantonese Roasted Duck if you prefer a meatier, healthier option. The roasted duck does not come with steamed bao buns.

Don’t let its shopping center site turn you away. Jade Palace is a staple for locals in Waimea and visitors who know about this restaurant’s high-quality Chinese food. Make a trip here when you’re craving locally made, comforting Chinese food.  

Insider Tips:
-The shopping center with Jade Palace has plenty of parking available.
-Visitors report the restaurant can feel hot inside during the summer and warm during the winter. Dress appropriately.
-Rice does not come automatically with dinner entrees and you must order it separately.
-Dine inside the restaurant to enjoy a complimentary pot of hot tea.