Verna’s Drive In

Verna’s Drive-In: Serving a Tradition of Delicious Food and Friendly Service
The Bottom Line:

Verna's Drive-In is an established Hilo fast food eatery that offers delicious Hawaiian fresh homemade meals all day including breakfast, lunch, late lunch, and dinner. It has a low-key, casual neighborhood diner vibe without the inside seating. Park, walk up to the counter, place your order and either eat outside on provided tables, enjoy a picnic in a nearby park.

- The Local Expert Team

Verna’s Drive-In Restaurant in Hilo is a fast food restaurant with a tropical twist. There are many places to eat in the area, but if you are looking for a quick bite that is authentic and delicious, stop by and check it out. This popular local eatery offers delicious American and Hawaiian meals all day including breakfast, lunch, late lunch, and dinner. It has a low-key, casual neighborhood diner vibe that has something for the entire family. Simply drive up, park your car and walk up to the window, and order from an amazing menu. You can’t miss seeing their interesting motto that is written on a bright yellow sign. It states, “Verna’s Drive-In, If No Can…No Can If Can Verna’s.”

Verna’s is a local landmark that has served the community delicious food for many years. Eating together at Verna’s is a family tradition for many generations. It is also the spot that folks who moved away visit when they visit their hometown. The food is delicious, consistent and that combined with the friendly customer service is always a win, win.

Verna’s Drive-In doesn’t have any inside seating, but that’s ok. You’ll see why it doesn’t matter. The atmosphere and ambiance are not what you are looking for at this little restaurant. You come for the amazing food with big taste and family-friendly customer service. There are tables outside to enjoy your meal while taking in the breathtaking mountain views. Or, you can hop back in the car and stop at one of the beautiful parks for an enjoyable picnic.

Everything on the menu is delicious. The Keaukaha and the Kalua Cabbage Bowl are really good. All of Verna’s specialties are served with rice and macaroni salad, one of their most ordered side dishes on the menu. You can’t go wrong with anything you order. It’s just difficult picking one! Here’s an insider tip. Treat yourself to the fruit punch. It’s fresh, tropical, and will make everything you eat, taste even better.

Take a look at a few specialties on Verna’s Drive-In Menu:

A fabulous combination of fried noodles, Teri beef, and macaroni salad

A tasty trio of Teri Beef chicken, and shrimp

Mountain View
Named for the incredible view, a wonderful combination of Teri beef, chicken katsu, hamburger patty served with gravy

Roast Pork Special
An amazing spiced roast served with stuffing and applesauce

Verna’s Bento
Spam, Teri beef, chicken drumettes, shrimp, Portuguese sausage served with a bed of perfectly cooked white rice

Sonny’s Special
A special, appetite filling treat of three hamburger patties, topped with grilled onions, three scoops of white rice, house-made macaroni salad, and served with gravy

If you’re not that hungry and looking for smaller portions, a bowl of soup might hit the spot. The Corn Chowder with the grilled cheese is like a kiss from the chef! Each one is as tasty as the other.

Chili Bowls
Stew Bowls
Kalua Cabbage Bowl
Corn Chowder with tuna or grilled cheese sandwich.
Saimin Deluxe with teriyaki beef

There is so much more on the menu including omelets, burgers, crinkle fries, onion rings, deli-style sandwiches, meatloaf, fresh seafood, a kids’ menu, and ice cream. The next time you are in the Hilo area, bring your appetite, and a smile because Verna’s Drive-In is a tasty Hawaiian landmark that you won’t want to miss.

Insider Tips:
-There are no public restrooms at Verna’s Drive-In.
-Free parking is available for customers including bicycle parking areas.
-They accept credit cards.