Pau Pizza

Pau Pizza – Proudly Serving Waimea Super Delicious Pizza and So Much More
The Bottom Line:

When hunger strikes during your Big Island adventures, do yourself a favor and jet on over to Pau Pizza. Set in beautiful Waimea, this cozy shop handcrafts their pizza pies using their innovative sourdough crust, and then serves them with endless aloha. Then, they go above and beyond with pasta, sandwiches, soups, and fresh-baked bread.

- The Local Expert Team


If you love pizza, then you’re going to want to try what they’re serving up at Pau Pizza. This beloved Waimea pizza joint takes their creations to the next level with their handcrafted sourdough. They make their amazing dough on the daily, and then use it to create pizza crust, sandwich bread, and a whole lot more. Want focaccia bread instead? They make that, too. On top of that, they sell loaves of their bread on their own, so you can use them to create your own tasty works of art.

To always have their ever-popular sourdough deliciousness on hand, they start their day well before the sun starts to rise. Each dough-making session begins with their ancient sourdough starter and the recipe of the day. They start the week with their sesame sourdough, then move onto rye, charcoal, porridge, and spelt before doing it all over again. Although every recipe is as good as the last, it’s a truly special day when they roll out their bonus flavors, like their iconic beer bread for St. Patrick’s Day.

Once their dough gets whipped up, they’re ready to let it rest while they prep the rest of their ingredients. They go all out in trying to source the majority of their ingredients from local farmers and other trusted suppliers. Then, they expertly chop, dice, and otherwise get the ingredients ready to go, so they can make each order as fast as possible for their valued patrons.

To enjoy the results of all their hard work, you just need to call for takeout or to make a reservation. You’re welcome to just walk in, too, but you’re likely to have a bit of a wait ahead. If you do come by for a meal in-house, you’ll need to decide if you want to dine inside or out on the patio.

No matter how you decide to come by, take a few moments to simply appreciate their interior design as you walk through the doors. Beautiful paintings and other artwork adorn the walls, making it a true sight to behold. They keep the rest of their décor simple, giving the space a homey feel while letting the artwork serve as the focal point.

You’ll definitely want the:

Whole Hog Pizza
If you want to go on a porky flavor journey to remember, get the Whole Hog Pizza. They make this fan favorite by hand tossing their signature sourdough pizza dough. Then, they put housemade pizza sauce over top before piling on the cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and ham. The whole lot goes in the oven until bubbly and hot, and then arrives at your table sliced and ready to enjoy.

Italian Sandwich
The Italian Sandwich comes loaded with bold flavors that promise to leave you wholly impressed. They begin making this entrée by slicing their housemade organic focaccia in half and spreading horseradish dill cream on both sides. After that, they pile on mortadella, hot capicola, and dry salami. Then, it gets arugula, tomatoes, house pickles, and red onion.

Vintners Salad
If you want to enjoy a little bit lighter fare without compromising on flavor, treat yourself to the Vintners Salad. This dish begins with locally sourced mixed greens. Over that, they add sliced apples, gorgonzola, and spiced pecans. Champagne vinaigrette gets drizzled over top to take the flavors to the next level.

If you finish up your meal craving sweets, ask for a scoop or two of their Tropical Dreams Ice Cream. They carry a variety of flavors, depending on what’s available when they restock. More often than not, you can find Kona Coffee ice cream in stock, ensuring you get to savor some of the best flavors on the Big Island in every bite.

Insider Tips:
-The prices on their menu already have tax rolled into the total.
-They only serve their breakfast burrito until 11 am, so be sure to come in early if you want to give it a try.
-Ask about their daily chef’s specials before ordering to avoid missing out on their newest creations.
-Don’t want to get an entire pizza? Just come by for a slice of the day. You never know what you’re going to get, which is at least half of the fun.