Poi Dog Deli

Poi Dog Deli – Proudly Serving the Big Island Hot and Cold Sandwich Deliciousness
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Whenever you’re in the mood for a hearty sandwich done right, treat yourself to a trip over to Poi Dog Deli. A true local favorite, this Kailua-Kona eatery uses fresh, local ingredients to handcraft every item with care. On top of that, they serve it all up with endless aloha, plus offer cold craft brews of all kinds.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Are you looking for a great place to satisfy all your cravings for hearty hot and cold sandwiches? If so, you just need to swing by Poi Dog Deli to get your fill. Set in Kailua-Kona, this local favorite goes big on the flavor by using the freshest local ingredients in all their items. Then, they handcraft every last order with care, and then serve it up with cold craft brews if you wish. As if all that’s not enough, their team puts aloha at the center of all they do, so you’ll want to come back time and time again.

As a beloved sandwich shop, they put their all into dreaming up the most decadent hot and cold sammies around. Their offerings range from classic Ruebens and Turkey BLTs to sassy Spicy Puna Cheesesteaks and Cajun Curry Chicken Salad sandwiches. But that’s not all they offer, of course. They also have wraps, salads, and soups galore. Just be sure to check their specials board before getting your heart set on any one item. They’re always creating new dishes for your pure enjoyment, and then gauging interest to see if they should add them to their menu full time.

To get a taste of all they have to offer, you’ll just need to swing by their popular eatery when hunger strikes. Then, grab your beverage of choice out of the cooler and get in line to order your food at the front counter. After that, you just have to grab a table and soak in the good vibes all around. The team’s friendly nature spreads joy through the eatery, making it easy to meet fast friends while you wait. In fact, many people choose to share a table and have a quick chat while they eagerly await their meal to arrive.

As soon as your order is ready, they’ll whisk it out to you with a smile. You’re welcome to dig in right on the spot or hit the road with your selections. They serve everything in huge portions, so don’t be surprised if you’re full up before it’s close to gone. Thankfully, they’re happy to get you a takeout container for your leftovers, which are always plenty good later on, too.

Stop by to try the:

Notorious P.I.G.
The Notorious P.I.G. lets you savor all the best Hawaiian flavors in every last bite. Available in whole or half sizes, this sandwich features hickory-smoked ham, pepper jack cheese, sliced jalapenos, and local pineapple on sourdough bread. Once they assemble all the yummy goodness, they grill it to perfection and serve it with popcorn and a garlic-dill pickle spear.

Farmer Tag’s Loaded Veggie
On the cold side of the equation, you can get the ever-tasty Farmer Tag’s Loaded Veggie. This sandwich starts with their local 12-grain bread toasted to perfection. To that, they add sliced avocado, beets, carrots, tomatoes, sweet onions, and lettuce. Then, pepper jack and sharp white cheddar join the party before they slather on their grainy dijon aioli.

Strawberry Fields Forever
When you want to savor bright, bold flavors from nearby local farms, go with the Strawberry Fields Forever. This salad starts with chopped greens topped with white onion, goat cheese, and mac nuts. Over that, they add quartered strawberries before tossing it all in their housemade balsamic vinaigrette. Cheese cornbread comes alongside to shake things up a bit and leave you wholly impressed.

In their beer cooler, they have all the greatest craft brews for your enjoyment in-house or back at your hotel. You’re welcome to buy their brews by the can – or grab a bunch for later. If you create your own six-pack, you can get a discount on their offerings, too.  

Insider Tips:
-If you come by between 4 pm and 6 pm for dinner, they’ll take 10% off your bill.
-Want to give back to the local community? Ask about how you can donate to their Keiki Food Fund program.
-Join their Poi Dog Pack Loyalty Program to get a free meal for every 10 sammies or salads you buy.
-Although they will make you half a sandwich, they don’t do the same for their wraps.