Pele’s Kitchen

Pele's Kitchen – Proudly Serving Stellar Gourmet Eats in the Heart of Pahoa Town
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Are you looking for a great place to kickstart your day of Big Island adventures? If so, you need to swing by Pele’s Kitchen in the heart of Pahoa Town for delightfully delicious breakfast fare. All their food and drinks feature fresh, local ingredients, including many items from their own farm in Puna.  

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to start your day on the right foot, all you have to do is jet on over to Pele’s Kitchen for breakfast to remember. At this popular Pahoa Town eatery, they always use fresh, local, and oft-organic ingredients, including items from their own Puna farm. On top of that, their talented chef makes their gourmet recipes from scratch, including all their bread and pastries. As if all that’s not enough, each item comes out artistically plated, so it always looks as good as it tastes.

The vivid artistry starts along the outside of their building with colorful murals hand-painted to reflect the magic of living in paradise. Then, the murals spill onto the interior walls as well, brightening up the dining room beautifully. Everything down to the plates is just as vivid as the walls, completing this picture of perfection.

You’re welcome to dine inside or out, depending on if you’d like to soak in the quiet ambiance or check out all the action along Keaau-Pahoa Road. Prefer to chill in the shade? Ask for a seat on their garden patio out back. You’re always welcome to take your food and drinks to-go, too, but staying put gets you the full dining experience.

If you want to dine in, just walk up to the front and request a table. Your server will lead you to an open table in your area of choice and then provide their menus. As you browse their menus, you’ll get to see how much care goes into each item. They even have vegan and vegetarian farewell marked, just in case you want to skip the meat, dairy, and such. If you want a little more time to browse their selections, ask an organic coffee, seasonal fruit juice, or coconut water. They’ll also provide a complimentary tropical fruit plate as a starter, giving you a taste of the organic deliciousness to come.

Once you put in your food order, you’ll be just minutes away from enjoying their farm-to-table excellence. As your dishes come to the table, take a moment to admire their gorgeous presentations, which often feature tropical flowers and other fun embellishments. If you’re wholly impressed with the display, be sure to snap a couple of photos before digging in.  

Get on over here to try the:

Ulu Waffle
The Ulu Waffle lets you savor all the best breakfast flavors while keeping gluten, dairy, and soy out of the mix. This vegan favorite features a rich breadfruit batter that goes into the waffle iron until golden brown. Once it’s done, they put fresh tropical fruit over the top. You can also get mac nuts sprinkled over it all for an extra charge.

Vegan Jungle Breakfast
If you want to jumpstart your day with a rainbow of amazing produce, go with the Vegan Jungle Breakfast. This dish features fresh seasonal veggies plus purple island yams and black beans. Once that’s all sauteed to perfection, they plate it up with yellow rice. Then, local fruit comes alongside to bring it all together.

Fish Benedict
For pure decadence in every bite, treat yourself to the Fish Benedict, for sure. This dish begins with the creation of their homemade English muffin the night before. Then, when you order, they grill up the fresh catch of the day until light and flaky while toasting the muffin. Two poached eggs go over the fish and muffin before they pour on their luscious hollandaise sauce.

Want to take home a little sweet treat to enjoy on your travels? Ask your server about their 100% Hawaiian Chocolate Bars. All their chocolate bars come straight from their farm where they grow many of the ingredients used in their dishes. If you’d like to see the farming magic happen, go to their Puna Gold Coffee & Cacao Estate Farm Tour website to sign up for a walk through their farmlands.  

Insider Tips:
-If you want to sit outside, it’s best to put on locally-sourced bug spray before leaving your hotel. The mosquitos often swarm otherwise, potentially leaving you with lots of bites.
-Need to skip the wheat? Ask your server about their gluten-free pancakes and other menu items.