North Shore Shark Adventures

North Shore Shark Adventures-Guarantees You'll See Sharks!
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5.0 / 5
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North Shore Shark Adventures is in Haleiwa Harbor and offers safe shark cage dives. They don't chum the waters yet, they offer a 100% guarantee you'll see sharks. Cage dives last around 20 minutes, with the entire adventure lasting about two hours. The price includes a mask and snorkel, but you'll need to bring swimwear, a change of clothes, water, snacks, and reef-safe sunscreen.  

- The Local Expert Team

Did you know there’s a company in Oahu where you don’t need to swim or scuba dive to see sharks? What if we told you that your children could participate? How about this company guaranteeing that you’ll see sharks? Would you be interested or wonder if such claims are too good to be true? We sure did, which is why we’re reviewing North Shore Shark Adventures.

Located in Haleiwa Harbor, this is the top-rated shark adventure on TripAdvisor. While glowing reviews are essential, knowing what you’re signing up for at North Shore Shark Adventures is also imperative. 

First, we want to highlight that North Shore Shark Adventures desires to protect sharks and their place in Hawaiian folklore. They don’t chum the water like other companies, which can make sharks aggressive or depend too much on human contact for food. Instead, they rely on the fact that crab fishermen used these waters years ago, and the predators associate the sound of outboard engines with food. North Shore Shark Adventures also honors sharks’ cultural and historical significance in Hawaiian culture and religion. 

Next is that your safety is priority-one at North Shore Shark Adventures. Before you set sail, the crew discusses safety measures, what to expect on your voyage, and Hawaiian history regarding sharks. Their fleet comprises custom-made aluminum boats like the 32-foot ANELA, the 36-foot KAIOU and ISAO, and the 42-foot ABUNAI. Cushioned seating and a protective canopy make for a comfortable trip. 

But the real question we have regarding safety is the aluminum shark cage. Unlike cage dives lowered into the ocean and requiring scuba gear, North Shore Shark Adventures uses ones that float and extend well above the surface. The cage comfortably holds eight guests who wear a mask and snorkel while floating. With the protruding aluminum bars, guests can rest assured that sharks can’t enter.

Inside, three horizontal bars wrap around the interior, away from the cage’s exterior. One is at water level, another is midway, and the last is near the bottom. Guests use their hands and feet to secure their grip without fear of fingers and toes being exposed to the sharks. 

For these reasons, those visiting North Shore Shark Adventures don’t need to be strong swimmers or scuba certified to enjoy a shark dive. In fact, some families bring young children who don life vests and enjoy seeing sharks!

Your shark adventure price includes a mask and snorkel. Fins aren’t necessary, and you won’t need a wet suit because the deep waters are warm. While they guarantee you’ll see sharks, they can’t promise which variety you’ll encounter. The most frequent visitors from the deep are the Galapagos, sandbar, and hammerhead sharks. Visitors comment that they generally see upwards of ten or more sharks gently cruising past, and none ever showed aggressive behavior. 

Your shark cage adventure lasts approximately 20 minutes. Because you’re moving in the water or diving, you’ll expend energy, so pack plenty of water and snacks. You should also bring a change of clothes, reef-safe sunscreen, and a waterproof camera or GoPro. Keep in mind that the tours have two cage dives. So you’ll either be waiting to take your dive or waiting for the last group to finish, so pack accordingly. 

Plan on your shark adventure lasting around two hours. To ward off seasickness, eat a hearty breakfast an hour before arriving and bring motion sickness medicine. 

If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world adventure safe for the entire family with lifelong memories, we urge you to check out North Shore Shark Adventures. 

Insider Tips:
-Book their earliest tour because seas tend to be calmer, making the boat trip smoother and underwater visibility better. 
-There’s no bathroom on the boat, so use the restroom at the marina before boarding!