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Enjoy Authentic Brazilian Treats at Tropical Tribe
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The beauty of Hawaii makes experiencing the delicious fresh goodness offered at Tropical Tribe that much more enjoyable. When visiting, make sure you stop in to try some authentic Brazilian-inspired treats, along with several local and island favorites. Owned by Andre A who was born and raised in Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, you can experience authentic Brazilian creations at Tropical Tribe.

- The Local Expert Team

Finding its start in 2013 out of a lunch wagon, the popularity of Tropical Tribe quickly grew leading the owners to open their first store in Waikiki. Now, Tropical Tribe can be found at the Ala Moana Shop and Haleiwa in addition to their Waikiki location. Introducing the first and original Brazilian Acai Bowl, featuring a recipe that mixes two berries from Acai, Guarana, and the Amazon Forest, this brand proudly serves Waiana Apalai Acai, featuring Grade A organic berries derived from the Amazon Forest. 

The mission of Tropical Tribe is to provide customers with healthy, nutritious, and delicious real food, all served with the friendly spirit of Aloha. A visit to the Tropical Tribe is designed to be a unique experience that might even be the highlight of a guest’s trip. 

Tropical Tribe remains committed to taking care of the environment, more specifically the beautiful island of Hawaii. As a way to cut down on their environmental impact, Tropical Tribe uses spoons, lids, and bowls all made from plants that are certified compostable. In fact, there is no plastic available at the store, meaning no straws, no bags, and no other plastic products. 

The Acai Berry, which is part of many dishes, is an amazing fruit that was first discovered hundreds of years ago. Natives originally realized it has powerful characteristics we now recognize as amino acids, antioxidants, proteins, low sugar, and more. Its health benefits are numerous and include energy boosts, digestion aid, weight loss help, anti-aging properties, and strength for the cardiovascular system.  It is packed with nutritional value and energetic power!

Guarana is another popular ingredient at Tropical Tribe. This berry is native to the Amazon and contains amino acids, carotene, vitamin A, and more. It features many health benefits as well including an increase in physical endurance, detoxifying properties, help with intestinal gas, fatigue, and neuralgia as well as providing migraine relief in addition to many other benefits. 

There are several Tropical Tribe specials that are guest favorites when visiting. Therefore, if you plan to stop in and visit this location, be sure to try the following:

Acai Bowls
If you have never before tried an authentic Brazilian Acai bowl, you are in for a treat when you try the Acai Bowls and Tropical Tribe. Choose your base from either the Tropical Tribe Bowl, which is Brazilian style and features Acai and Guarana Berry Juice, or the local style Hawaiian Bowl which features a blend of apple Juice, tropical fruits, and Acai. Then, choose your organic toppings of either granola and honey or banana, or upgrade to a premium topping of strawberry, blueberry, or other options. You can even add a natural energy boost to your bowl by adding a blend of Amazonian berry seeds to the top or adding protein powder. 

There are several options available when it comes to coffee at Tropical Tribe. You can enjoy freshly roasted beans, Kona blend, Drip and Maui blend cold brew, South American espresso, and more. 

Pao De Queijo
This Brazilian snack might be hard to pronounce, but it is a delicious, gluten-free cheese bread you just have to try. 

Another guest favorite at Tropical Tribe is the smoothies. All smoothies are freshly made using only real fruits. You can enjoy options like the Amazon Energy smoothie that features Amazonian berry seed, acai, fruits, honey, and more. You can also try the Mango smoothie that comes with apple juice, mango sorbet, and mango slices. There are several other options as well for smoothies, any of which would be a delicious option.

Insider Tips:
-You can visit Tropical Tribe on social media to find out about specials and other interesting tidbits. 
-You can also buy a gift card to Tropical Tribe on their website. 
-There is no delivery available but Tropical Tribe does offer takeout.