Restaurant Suntory

Beloved by Locals and Tourists Alike: Restaurant Suntory
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

If your goal is to experience authentic Japanese cuisine, skillfully prepared and artfully presented, then a visit to Restaurant Suntory should be added to your vacation itinerary. Check out the many menu options before visiting as the different seating areas offer varying styles of meals. Guests claim a visit here is just like dining in Tokyo! 

- The Local Expert Team

Holding the title of Oahu’s favorite Japanese restaurant and being the only remaining original tenant of the Royal Hawaiian Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, Restaurant Suntory enjoys an impressive reputation for excellence both among locals and visitors alike. They consistently deliver an exceptional Japanese dining experience and proudly emphasize quality drinks, authentic dishes, and unmatched hospitality, or omeotenashi. 

As part of an international chain of restaurants under the Suntory brand, Restaurant Suntory was created to share Japanese cuisine and culture with other countries. It has been in operation in its current location since 1980. Executive Chef Go Kamikubo joined the team in 2016. He is from Japan and has brought along his over 20 years of experience working under Iron Chef Rokusaburou Michiba. He also spent years working in the acclaimed Japanese restaurants Rokusantei and Kaishoku Michiba both located in the Ginza district of Tokyo before moving to Restaurant Suntory. 

Kamikubo knows and has perfected all the traditional Japanese techniques, flavors, and skills needed to create authentic, exceptional Japanese cuisine. He frequently recalls learning through his career that “an amazing dish can be a moment of joy.” This drives him to continue to perfect his craft and always be refining the menu options at Restaurant Suntory. Thanks to his immense skill and training, Restaurant Suntory has remained one of the best authentic Japanese experiences in Hawaii. 

Restaurant Suntory is not exactly like other restaurants in Hawaii or anywhere else for that matter. Here, you can choose from a variety of dining experiences. You can eat at the Sushi Counter, enjoy the Teppan Room, the Washoku Room, or the upscale Lounge. You can also book the Private Room as well for parties and other small gatherings. 

If sushi is your thing, you will be in heaven at the elegant Sushi Counter named Tokiwa. It is in its own private section, hidden away. It features a contemporary counter space and is stewarded by sushi masters who are artfully skilled in the preparation of these oceanic delicacies. There are only nine seats around the counter, so choosing to eat here will be a more intimate sushi experience. Restaurant Suntory is one of the best in Oahu. 

The Teppan Room features Teppanyaki, which is the style of cuisine that allows you to witness a chef’s culinary skills up close. The teppanyaki menu includes appetizers, multiple courses, sides, and more for either lunch or dinner. Also known as Hibachi style, teppanyaki is a great way to satisfy even the biggest of appetizers. The Washoku room features beautiful arrangements of dishes, including harmonious balances of colors and flavors. Washoku menus include locally made tofus, grilled fish combinations, katsu, donburi, katsu, hot pot, soba and udon noodles, and more. 

The Lounge is the spot to enjoy in Restaurant Suntory if you love a good drink. As one of the largest and oldest Japanese distilling and brewing companies, Suntory has produced some amazing beverages. Restaurant Suntory has also won awards for its Hakushu, Yamazaki, and Hibiki, which are available by the glass or in a cocktail. Restaurant Suntory also serves Japan’s top-selling beer Suntory’s prized pilsner, the Premium Malts. The drink menu also includes Japanese craft spirits like Haku Vodka, Roku Gin, Suntory Whiskey Toki, tropical cocktails, wine, shochu, and even non-alcoholic options. 

Last but not least is the Private Dining option. This is ideal for company parties, celebrations, special gatherings, and more. You can seat up to 12 guests, so it must be a fairly intimate gathering. The chic, comfortable setting is nestled away from other diners offering a measure of privacy. This room can be reserved for lunch or dinner. 

When visiting Restaurant Suntory, try these guest favorites:

Combination Lunch
Choose either sashimi and grilled mackerel or sashimi and grilled eel or opt instead of sashimi and tempura, grilled miso black cod, and deep-fried tofu or grilled mackerel and tempura. 

Suntory Course
Begin with a salad, then sashimi, panko shrimp, hokkaido scallop, and then a choice for your main of either a sirloin, filet, assorted seafood, or Miyazaki Waygu filet. Then add grilled vegetables, garlic, and rice miso soup and finish off with ice cream. 

Insider Tips:
-When booking the Private Room at Restaurant Suntory note that it must be booked through email. There is also a required minimum spend for the room and guests should pre-order from the menu. 
-Reservations are available at Restaurant Suntory. 
-In addition to the dining options featured every day, Restaurant Suntory also hosts special events at the restaurant allowing guests to take part in unique culinary experiences.