Paia Fish Market Waikiki

Serving Fresh Fish With Aloha at Paia Fish Market
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4.5 / 5
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When in Waikiki, make time to visit the beloved Paia Fish Market. This casual dining establishment utilizes fresh ingredients to create tasty, beautiful dishes including homemade fish tacos and their famous Big Obama Burger. Oh, and don’t forget to take home some merchandise to remember your experience! 

- The Local Expert Team

Paia Fish Market Restaurant offers the freshest fish at the most affordable prices in all of Waikiki. Considered somewhat of a hidden gem, the Waikiki location has been operating successfully since 2018 under the Laylow Hotel in the heart of Waikiki. 

The original Paia Fish Market was founded back in 1989 and there are several locations spread throughout the islands. The Paia location, the original spot, was first established in this sleepy fish town and became a well-known hangout for sugar mill workers, local fishermen, windsurfers, and surfers. The fish market’s welcoming family style encouraged casual seating, where guests would often share a good story over a meal. Today, many feel this Waikiki location is the ideal spot to enjoy some fresh fish while people-watching either day or night. 

Paia Fish Market specializes in salads, tacos, burgers, and more along with offering superb fresh fish including Ahi, Snapper, Ono, and Mahi Mahi. This eatery utilizes only the freshest of ingredients to create the tastiest, most beautiful dishes imaginable. They are well-known for their guest-favorite homemade fish tacos, featuring fresh fish of course, along with their house-made tartar sauce and salsa. 

Manager and Chef of Paia Fish Market Magnos Passos oversee the Paia Waikiki location. Guests might be interested to learn that not only does he create some delicious dishes using only the freshest assortment of fish, but he also is a world-renowned bodyboarding champion from Brazil. 

Paiai Waikiki offers both indoor and outdoor seating options and is available for curbside pickup or takeout, providing guests with an abundance of ways to try some of their beloved fresh dishes like the Big Obama Burger, served with Ono that is rolled in Cajun spices and topped with wasabi butter. Of course, some guests prefer the lighter fare of the seared ahi garden salad served with dressing and cocktail shrimp instead. 

The Paia Fish Market is a restaurant that utilizes fresh fish to create amazingly delicious lunch or dinner choices. All in a relaxed, friendly environment just perfect for telling a good fish story. Keep in mind, though, even if you prefer to keep to yourself, you can enjoy people-watching while you partake of these amazingly fresh dishes. 

There aren’t any bad choices when visiting Paia Fish Market in Waikiki. However, when visiting, here are some of the most frequently recommended options mentioned by guests:

Get your meal started right, or simply add to it with one of the following amazing appetizer choices: Sashimi, Deep Fried Calamari, Deep Fried Shrimp, Shrimp Cocktail, Onion Rings, French Fries, Cheese Quesadilla, or Clam Chowder. 

Fresh Catch Plates
Each of these options includes a choice of fish, type of preparation, and a side along with hand-cut crunchy coleslaw, and freshly made tartar sauce. Lunch and dinner portions are a bit different. Fish includes a choice of Salmon, Ahi, Snapper, Ono, or Mahi Mahi. Preparation options include Cajun style, Sauteed (butter, wine, lemon, and garlic), Charbroiled, or Blackened (Cajun style prepared in an iron skillet). Sides include options of rice and home potatoes, french fries, home potatoes, or Cajun rice. 

Charbroiled Burger
Another guest favorite at Paia Fish Market Waikiki is the Charbroiled Burgers. They include house-made tartar sauce, cheddar or jack cheese, tomato, and coleslaw. Burger options include the Chicken Burger, Cheeseburger, Ahi, Snapper or Salmon, or the Mahi or Ono. 

Fish or Chicken Soft Tacos
Enjoy fresh corn tortillas with salsa, melted cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce. You can also opt instead for Shrimp Taco. 

Fish & Chips
You can also choose from a variety of plates, including the Chicken Plate, prepared in either Teriyaki or Charbroiled, or opt for Calamari & Chips or Shrimp & Chips. 

Other Dishes
In addition to the many options offered, guests can also enjoy Seafood Pasta, Chicken Pasta, or Fajitas served with either shrimp, chicken, or shrimp.

Insider Tips:
-Paia Fish Market is a casual dining establishment. Guests order at the counter, both food and drinks, then food is brought to your tables. 
-Guests rave about the portion sizes being large, so make sure you bring your appetite when visiting Paia for a fresh, quick meal. 
-Paia Fish Market also has their own merchandise line which you can peruse when visiting. Branded tote bags, cooking spices, hats, t-shirts, and more are all available.