Nanding’s Bakery

Nanding's Bakery - Hole in the Wall Bakery with Pilipino Flair
The Bottom Line:

Nanding's has the feel of a traditional Pilipino or old-school Hawaiian bakery. The bakers here don't fuss with the fancy European-style pastries; instead, they favor tried and true yeast-raised favorites, and visitors keep coming back for the Spanish rolls and pandesal. Expect reasonable prices, friendly service, and a down-to-earth storefront. 

- The Local Expert Team

Looking for a sweet treat on Oahu’s south shore? Nanding’s Bakery has a lot to offer–and despite their excellent reputation, they’ve managed to stay out of the limelight. You won’t find tourists flocking here. In fact, there’s usually not even a line. But you will find some of the best Spanish rolls and ube pandesal you’ve ever tasted. 

Nanding’s bakes all their pastries daily. As with most Philipino pastries, you can expect sweet, light dough and a fine crumb in practically all of their traditional pastries. Depending on your timing, you might even snag warm-from-the-oven pandesal or sweet rolls that can’t be matched in terms of flavor or freshness. 

Some of our favorite menu items at Nanding’s Bakery include: 

Fudge Brownies 
It’s hard to find a brownie that pleases just about everyone. Some people like their brownies soft and cakelike, others prefer them chewy, while some only seem to care about crispy edges. We’re not sure how they do it, but Nanding’s somehow manages to nail the perfect brownie in a way that everyone can agree is mouthwateringly delicious. 

This soft, slightly sweet bread is a staple in Philipino cuisine, and we can’t help but wonder why it doesn’t enjoy a much higher degree of popularity. These soft, yeast-raised rolls are excellent for breakfast, dunked in coffee or hot chocolate, or served with savory or sweet fillings. The ube cheese pandesal and Nanding’s Bakery feature a subtle, smooth ube (purple yam) flavor and a sweet filling that is very hard to beat. 

Spanish Rolls
Nanding’s bakes their Spanish rolls throughout the day, so if you order any quantity of them, you can be certain they’re fresh–and possibly even warm from the oven. Spanish rolls feature a rich, eggy yeast bread rolled up with a buttery, sweet filling. It’s hard to describe the perfection of a warm, well-made Spanish roll if you’re not familiar with them; the only thing is to try them yourself. 

Nanding’s also offers familiar American favorites, from cinnamon rolls to chocolate chip cookies–so you’re likely to find something you’ll love, whether or not you’re a particular fan of Philipino fare. 

Nanding’s Bakery is located at the base of Diamond Head, just around the corner from the popular Rainbow Diner. This is a great stop before or after a day of exploring Waikiki, and you’ll typically find parking available in their small lot or nearby without too much trouble. 

Insider Tips:
-Want a more savory option? You’ll find it here too; ask if they have corned beef pandesan or Portuguese sausage rolls freshly made when you visit, and you might discover a very inexpensive lunch. 
-Nanding’s carries a handful of Philipino grocery staples at their storefront as well as classic pastries; it’s a great place to grab extra snacks or to stock up on your Philipino favorites while you’re there.