Kyung’s Seafood

Kyung’s Seafood Restaurant - Fresh Menu Options at an Affordable Price
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Kyung’s Seafood Restaurant serves up a variety of Asian-style seafoods, including sashimi, poke and other Korean dishes. This hole in the wall serves some of the best Korean seafood on the island, making it a favorite with locals and tourists alike.

- The Local Expert Team

Kyung’s Seafood Restaurant serves delicious Asian-style seafood in a relaxed atmosphere. A restaurant that’s becoming more well-known by both locals and tourists, this is one of the busiest (and tastiest) hole-in-the-wall restaurants that you’ll find on the island.

The seafood at Kyung’s Seafood Restaurant consists primarily of Japanese-style sashimi and Korean-style poke (which is a salad made with raw fish). The sashimi is freshly caught and expertly prepared, and all of the poke plates and dishes come with plenty of cubed fish. From the Fresh Sashimi to the Shoyu Poke, there isn’t a disappointing option on the menu.

If you prefer food from the land rather than the water, a decent selection of Korean dishes is also available at Kyung’s Seafood Restaurant. Barbecue Chicken is a crowd-pleaser, while Meat Jun offers an authentic Korean take on the bird.  Other meat-based entrees are highly influenced by East Asian cooking.

Both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are available, as are a few basic desserts. Prices are quite affordable at Kyung’s Seafood Restaurant because of the location and small footprint, although fresh raw seafood always costs a little.

A few of our menu favorites at Kyung’s Seafood Restaurant include:

Sashimi Platter
Freshly caught fish, sliced thick and served raw. Most restaurants place sashimi fish atop clumps of sticky rice, but not here. You get to taste the premium fish on its own and without the rice filler here. 

BBQ Chicken and Poke
Can’t decide between the land and the sea? The BBQ Chicken and Poke plate at Kyung’s Seafood Restaurant offers a surf-and-turf option that’s not found at fancy steakhouses. Korean-style chicken is paired with Korean-style cubed raw fish to create a platter that easily feeds two.

Meat Jun
A Hawaiian dish with Korean origins, Meat Jun is thinly sliced meat that gets dipped in egg batter and fried. Put a little soy sauce on each piece, and you have a variation akin to the Chinese wanton. The crispy, chewy, and tasty dish is popular on both sides of the Pacific.

Tuna Poke
Tuna makes excellent poke because it’s not overly flavorful and goes well with most salad ingredients. If you don’t feel like the distinctive flavor of salmon but want something that’s also not entirely bland, the Tuna Poke at Kyung’s Seafood Restaurant is a solid moderate option.

Spicy Ahi
Usually sold by the quarter-pound, the Spicy Ahi comes finely chopped and pleasantly spiced. Eat it with seaweed or rice for a delicious meal.

It’s easy to overlook something as nondescript as Kyung’s Seafood Restaurant. Regulars know to look for the place, though. Bring the group here regardless of what everyone is wearing, and the meal will be one of the best, most relaxed meals you have on the island.

Insider Tips:
-Because of the restaurant’s small size, tables fill up quickly. Plan on making reservations 2-3 days ahead of time, or stopping by for takeout.
-Although this is very much a seafood restaurant, the vibe is similar to that of a sports pub. Televisions are always on, and the place can get somewhat noisy at times. The sports pub feel only adds to the unpretentious atmosphere, though.