Ono Seafood

Ono Seafood – Where to Go for Ultra-Fresh Ahi and Tako Poke in Honolulu
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

If you’re in the mood for the freshest seafood around, Ono Seafood can serve up just what you need on your Honolulu adventures. Their ahi and tako poke is always made to order using fresh, never frozen, seafood from local fishermen. On top of that, they have dried fish, pickled mango, and other tasty snacks, plus sashimi platters available to pre-order.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Since 1995, Ono Seafood has definitely been the place to go in Honolulu for fresh, flavorful poke. In order to always have the freshest seafood in town, they focus on creating their made-to-order poke dishes from just ahi and tako. The results are phenomenal, impressing even the most discerning poke enthusiasts with their many options.

Despite the limited proteins, Ono Seafood manages to build bold flavors in every bite with shoyu, miso, wasabi, and many other sauces and seasonings. You’ll have to pick from their different flavor options plus decide which seafood to get. If you cannot choose, you can go with a half order of two different kinds.

No matter what you order, their poke comes in huge portions. For 1/3 pound, get the regular container – or go all out with the large for 1/2 pound of deliciousness. If you’d like a full meal, then get the rice bowl instead, which comes with a big scoop of poke on a bed of brown or white rice. With that meal, they include a 12-ounce can of soda, juice, or bottled water.

If you’d like snacks for later, it’s wise to get some of Ono Seafood’s ala carte treats to go. For an all-new way to enjoy poke, get their Dried Poke or other dehydrated seafood, like ahi, shrimp, and scallops. Want a little smoke on your fish? Go with the Smoked Marlin or take your culinary journey to the next level with their Spicy Smoked Tako.

The top dishes at Ono Seafood include:

Spicy Ahi
For a seafood dish that bites back, you simply need to try the Spicy Ahi from Ono Seafood. This dish starts with fresh ahi filets cut into small chunks and then mixed up with spicy mayo, sliced onions, and fish roe. Then, they put it over either brown or white rice to finish it off right – or serve it in a regular or large container.  

Miso Tako
When you want a slightly sweet kick with your seafood flavors, the Miso Tako is the way to go. They make this dish using fresh, tender octopus cut into bite-sized chunks. Then, they mix it up with their rich miso sauce before putting it over rice or scooping it into a container on its own.   

Haw’n Style
Dubbed the Haw’n Style Ahi, this dish promises to keep you coming back for bite after bite and scraping the bowl when you’re done. To create this fan favorite, they prepare their fresh ahi before tossing the chunks with sliced onions, green onions, and spices. Their secret sauce goes over it next to complete the salty, delicious flavors.

If you’d like to arrive at your next gathering in style, then their sashimi trays are the way to go. You’ll need to order your tray well in advance to allow Ono Seafood enough time to get the ingredients and make each variety. Each platter comes with 30 pieces, making it easy to feed a crowd. They never skimp on the quality of ingredients or presentation, so you’ll be proud to serve your guests each tray.

Insider Tips:
-Since there are only two outdoor tables onsite, it’s often better to take your meal to go and dine at a nearby beach, like Kuhio Beach Park. The plaza at Safeway has outdoor seating available, too, if you’d like to get straight to grubbing on your meal.
-Although Ono Seafood does have a small parking lot, it’s much easier to find a spot along the street instead.
-Want to skip the line? Call in your order before leaving the hotel, and then walk right up to the counter to pick it up.