Waiahole Poi Factory

Waiahole Poi Factory – Where to Enjoy Delicious Comfort Food in Kaneohe
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4 / 5
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Serving up takeaway at its finest in Kaneohe, Oahu, Waiahole Poi Factory always goes big on the Hawaiian comfort food. At each visit, you can get your fill of decadent Beef Lau Lau, Lomi Salmon, and everything in between. Just want to satisfy your sweet tooth? Roll up to the window for Sweet Lady of Waiahole made to order.  

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When only Hawaiian comfort food will do, Waiahole Poi Factory always comes through in a big way. Their fresh ingredients, time-honored recipes, and expert cooking techniques create masterpieces time and time again. So, whether you are in the mood for Kalua Pig, Squid Luau, or something altogether different, you can count on enjoying all the best flavors in every bite.

In order to get a taste, however, expect to stand in a rather long line at Waiahole Poi Factory. From open to close, the line up to the order window often goes all the way down the block, after all. You can try to arrive early to beat the rush, but it doesn’t always work out that way. The line moves slowly, too, as they put plenty of care into every interaction and the preparation of each meal. 

Want to speed up your visit a bit at Waiahole Poi Factory? Just call in your order before leaving your hotel or use the online ordering system on their website. You will still need to stand in line, but your order will be ready to go once you get to the window.

Despite all the TLC put into every meal, each dish lands in a basic yet sturdy takeout container. Since it’s a small eatery in the heart of Kaneohe, Oahu, they only have a few outdoor seats available for their patrons. So, you’ll need to take your selections and run more often than not because their seats fill up fast.

Definitely try these items at Waiahole Poi Factory:

Hand-Pounded Poi
Made fresh daily at Waiahole Poi Factory, the Hand-Pounded Poi boasts big flavors that’ll leave you feeling wholly impressed from the very first bite to the last. Although they keep their traditional recipe and processing techniques secret, you can expect a banana-based concoction with the perfect texture and flavor. The Poi comes with all combo plates, although you can also order it up all on its own as a side.

Chicken Long Rice
When you’re looking for a light lunch that doesn’t compromise on flavor, you can always go with the Chicken Long Rice at Waiahole Poi Factory. Available as a full plate or side, the long rice features a robust mix of chicken, onion, garlic, and ginger flavor in its broth. The glass noodles land in the rich broth and then get topped with diced green onions to bring it all together.

LauLau Beef Luau
The LauLau Beef Luau promises to fulfill your need for fantastic comfort food made with love. They make this dish at Waiahole Poi Factory by wrapping high-quality cuts of beef in taro leaves and then roasting them up until perfectly tender. Although you can get it as a side, it’s best enjoyed as a part of a big combo plate with a scoop of rice or poi plus Lomi Salmon and haupia alongside.

Waiahole Poi Factory’s signature dessert, Sweet Lady of Waiahole, brings in people from all over the island all on its own. To create this popular treat, they take a hearty serving of warm kulolo, or taro pudding, and top it with a single or double scoop of haupia ice cream. The mix of sweet taro and fresh coconut work beautifully together, leaving you coming back for bite after bite. If you prefer the kulolo and haupia ice cream separate, you can order from their ala carte menu to build your own dessert experience.

Insider Tips:
-Long lines in the hot sun are the norm at Waiahole Poi Factory, so wear your sunhat, sunglasses, and reef-safe sunscreen at every visit.
-The onsite parking lot is rather tiny. You can usually find parking along the street though if you look around a bit. Barring that, you might want to bring along a friend to circle around while you stand in line and get your orders to go.
-You must request utensils and condiments if you’d like them included with your order. Otherwise, Waiahole Poi Factory will leave them out to remain in compliance with the Disposable Food Ware Ordinance.