Aloha Kitchen

Aloha Kitchen – Start Your Day with Pure Deliciousness in Waikiki
The Bottom Line:

When nothing else will do but a delicious brunch in paradise, set your sights on Aloha Kitchen. Set in beautiful Waikiki, this quaint eatery serves up breakfast and lunch favorites in reasonable portions while providing fast, friendly service. There’s usually a wait for a table, though, unless you arrive bright and early in the morning.

- The Local Expert Team

Before you jet out on your Waikiki adventures, do yourself a favor and stop by Aloha Kitchen for a hearty meal. It is located right around the corner from Ala Moana Boulevard. This cozy eatery has all the breakfast and lunch delights you need to kick your day into high gear. They’re a rather popular brunch spot as a result, leaving their 14 tables filled with eager patrons from open to close.  

So, when you walk through the doors of Aloha Kitchen, it’s best to anticipate a wait of 30 minutes or more. To get in line, find the clipboard near the front counter and write your name and time of arrival on the next open line. Then, plan to wait outside until a table opens up to avoid crowding their small dining room. Once it’s your turn to get seated, one of their friendly servers will come out and call your name.

You’ll then get a chance to settle in at your table and browse the menu from start to finish. For the ultimate dining experience, begin your meal with their Coconut Shrimp appetizer or a Fruit Bowl. Don’t forget to order a cup of coffee to sip on while reading about all the delightful dishes on their menu. Your server will also bring you a glass of icy cold water and then check back until you’re ready to order your entrée.

As you browse through Aloha Kitchen breakfast offerings, you’ll find everything from eggs benedict and omelets to waffles and acai bowls. The star of the show is their souffle pancakes. They are available with a wide variety of tantalizingly delicious toppings. If you have lunch on your mind, then you could get their Garlic Butter Ahi, Kalua Pork Loco Moco, or other local classics. Want to keep it simple yet oh-so-tasty? Go with their Bacon Cheese Burger, for sure.

Favorites you cannot miss:

Eggs Benedict with Lobster
When you’re craving pure decadence in every last bite, get the Eggs Benedict with Lobster. This dish features the classic preparation with poached eggs over an English muffin and hollandaise sauce over the top. The main difference is the addition of perfectly grilled lobster before the sauce goes over it all. Roasted potatoes and a salad go alongside right before serving to beautifully complete your meal.

Aloha Kitchen Hawaiian Burger
The Aloha Kitchen Hawaiian Burger puts a unique spin on a true classic. To create this dish, the chef prepares their signature beef patty by hand and then grills it to perfection. Then, they put it on a taro bun with grilled pineapple and teriyaki sauce. French fries come on the side, along with whatever dipping sauce you’d like.

Wagyu Loco Moco
If you want a local favorite, order the Wagyu Loco Moco without hesitation. The chef at Aloha Kitchen prepares this traditional dish by preparing wagyu beef patties by hand and grilling them until tender and juicy. Then, they put the patties over steamed white rice before adding two sunny-side-up eggs. Brown gravy gets poured over everything after that to bring all the flavors together.

If you’d like to customize your meal, just look at the ‘Side and Extras’ section of the menu for ideas. In that section, they have a la carte menu items galore. For instance, four pieces of spam, half an avocado, or breakfast potatoes. You cannot go wrong with their Toast and Nutella sauce when you’re just looking for something to take on the go. Add macadamia nuts for an extra charge to spice it up even more.  

Insider Tips:
-Beat the rush by arriving at Aloha Kitchen well before they open the doors.
-Whenever you’re in a hurry, just call their team to order takeout. They’ll have your selections ready to go by the time you walk up to the front counter.
-Their modest portion sizes allow you to mix and match menu items. So, don’t be afraid to go wild if you cannot decide between two or more items.
-Want to BYOB? That’s perfectly okay. They’ll bring out a cooler and glasses for you to use. Just remember to bump up your tip to best reflect their dedication to quality service.