Poke Bar – Oahu

Poke Bar – Enjoy Poke Your Way in Between Your Waikiki Adventures
The Bottom Line:

When you want your meal fast, fresh, and 100% delicious, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to the Poke Bar. In just seven steps, you’ll get to build your perfect bowl filled with poke your way. Then, you can enjoy your selections indoors or out before hitting the road for more Waikiki explorations.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When ultra-fresh fish calls your name, there’s perhaps a no better place to go than the Poke Bar. At this Waikiki eatery, your culinary destiny lies firmly in your hands. You just have to move through the seven steps to fill your bowl with poke deliciousness to remember. After that, just head outside to enjoy your selections in the bright sunshine or kick back and relax in their indoor dining room.

At this casual eatery, you never have to wait for a table to open up. Instead, just hop in line and gaze at the scene ahead to get ready to order. On the menu board, you’ll see all the poke selections for the day, which get made fresh every morning for your pure enjoyment. If you look closely at the cold case at the front counter, you can see the many options in all their glory before choosing which ones you want.

Upon making it to the front of the line, it’s time to make the magic happen. To start, you’ll want to select from their two and three fish bowl sizes. As you do that, remember that it’s an extra charge if you choose ahi poke for all of your selections.

After selecting your preferred bowl size, it’s time to decide what to use as your base. Sushi rice is a fan favorite, of course, but there’s also brown rice, spring mix, sushi rice and greens, and brown rice and greens. Upon deciding between all those options, choose your free side: miso crab or seaweed salad. Want both? It’ll just be an extra charge.

At this pivotal step, it’s time to pick out your poke flavors, like spicy ahi, salmon, and garlic shrimp. If you’d like extra, let them know and they’ll pile it on for an additional fee. Your mix-ins come next and include tasty additions like cilantro, corn, limu, ginger, wasabi, and edamame. Avocado is a popular choice, but it’ll cost you extra, of course.

Now, it’s time to think about what sauce you’d like. There’s house dressing, wasabi mayo, and so much more. Think about what will go great with your toppings, which come next. Their topping choices are crispy garlic, crispy onion, furikake, sesame seeds, and Hawaiian salt. You can have any or all of them if you’d like. Finally, decide if you’d like to pay a little bit more for a fried item, like their shrimp fry or veggie spring roll.

With that, your bowl is complete. You’re welcome to add a beverage to the mix at the end. They have bottled water, soda, and bottled tea plus beer and sake for the adult crowd. Or you can simply pay for your food and get ready to chow down if you prefer.  

Most popular poke flavors:

Spicy Ahi
The Spicy Ahi offers just the right amount of kick, helping take your poke bowl to the next level. The team hand selects their Hawaiian Fresh Ahi daily to ensure you always get the best of the best. Pair it with their sushi rice, avocado, and house dressing for a flavor combo you’re sure to love.  

Garlic Shrimp
If you adore bold garlicky flavors in every last bite, treat yourself to the Garlic Shrimp. Their shrimp has just the right amount of bite while the garlic promises to tantalize your tastebuds in an instant. Get the Fresh ahi or salmon alongside to go on a flavor journey you’ll never forget.  

If you want to skip the seafood without compromising on flavor, try the Tofu poke bowl. The tender tofu soaks up all the flavors of the sauces you choose, making it a great choice for any ingredient combination. So, go wild with your base, mix-in, sauce, and topping selections with confidence that it’ll turn out just right.

Whether you decide to eat indoors or out, you can count on enjoying good vibes all around. Their welcoming atmosphere makes it easy to chill out and simply enjoy all the bold flavors before you. If you’re lucky, you might even get to make a few fast friends as you chat with nearby patrons throughout your meal.

Insider Tip:
Want to skip the wheat? Just let them know. They’ll offer you their two gluten-free sauces plus hold the sides that don’t abide by your nutrition restrictions.