Soon’s Kal Bi Drive In

Soon's Kal Bi Drive In – Your Top Spot for Korean BBQ Served Takeout Style in Oahu
The Bottom Line:

If you’re craving Korean barbecue done right, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Soon’s Kal Bi Drive In. At this chill Honolulu eatery, all their dishes boast all the best island flavors, plus come in fantastically large portions. Their minimal outdoor seating is often a no-go, so expect takeaway, but it’s well worth finding somewhere to get your grub on.

- The Local Expert Team

A definite local favorite, Soon’s Kal Bi Drive In is the place to go when cravings for Korean barbecue hit you out of nowhere. At this lowkey Honolulu eatery, they whip up all the fan favorites on the daily, and then serve them takeout style for your quick enjoyment. Although just a simple hole in the wall restaurant, the quality of their food will have you planning to come back for more after the very first bite. Their service is second to none as well, ensuring that everyone feels valued as they walk through the doors.

If you’d like to get a taste of the creations at Soon’s Kal Bi Drive In, you can swing by any time of the day. They open early and wait until well past dinnertime to close. Whenever you plan to arrive, prepare yourself for the flavor cloud coming your way as soon as you waltz into the restaurant. In fact, many people swear they feel the savory flavors wafting through the air as they simply drive past.

Once you walk through the doors of Soon’s Kal Bi Drive In, you’ll undoubtedly encounter quite a line. They remain busy from open to close, especially during the lunch and dinner rush. After you’re able to put in your order, you can expect your food to come out rather quickly and in huge portions. More often than not, the takeout boxes arrive in your hands absolutely bulging with your selections.

While you’ll undoubtedly want to dig in right then and there, it’s better to plan to head somewhere else. Although they do have a few outdoor tables, they’re usually full to the brim. Instead, zip on over to the Keehi Lagoon Beach Park to chow down on your meal while taking in the view.

You’ll love these items from Soon’s Kal Bi Drive In:

Fried Chicken
Available as a side order or full entrée, the Fried Chicken promises to satisfy your cravings from the first bite to the last. To create this popular dish, Soon’s Kal Bi Drive In breads three big pieces of chicken, and then deep fry them until golden brown. Once they’re done, they land in the takeout box alongside flavorful kimchee and a scoop of white rice.

Meat Jhun
When you want tender marinated meat covered in a crispy batter, treat yourself to a taste of the Meat Jhun. Soon’s Kal Bi Drive In begins this dish by marinating super thin strips of beef until seasoned through, and then dip them in a flour and egg batter. After that, the meat lands in the fryer until golden brown and cooked through. Then, they get sliced into bite-sized pieces and put in the takeout box with rice and kimchee.

Bi Bim Kook Soo
When you have noodles on the mind, the Bi Bim Kook Soo is definitely the way to go. This popular dish always begins with the creation of their exceptional BBQ Beef. As that grills up right, they sauté plenty of veggies and expertly prepare their somen noodles. Then, the whole lot gets tossed together and drizzled with Korean hot sauce right before serving.

Soon’s Special
When you simply cannot decide between all the amazing options from Soon’s Kal Bi Drive In, Soon’s Special Combination Plate promises to leave you more than impressed. To create this dish, they expertly prepare their BBQ Chicken, Meat Jhun, Man Doo, and Kal-bi. Once that’s done, they add the perfect amount of each over the kimchee and rice sides already loaded up in the takeout box.

Are you planning an island event anytime soon? If so, ask about their catering pricing to let your guests grub on all their fan favorites. They offer their Fried Chicken, Man Doo, Kal-bi, BBQ Beef, and many other popular entrees in gigantic portions fit for a crowd. If you’d just like to quickly and easily feed a family of four, get their Family Pack instead. For one low price, you get plenty of BBQ beef, Man Doo, and so much more for everyone to enjoy on the go. Just want barbecue chicken? Get the BBQ Chicken Party Pack instead.

Insider Tips:
Soon’s Kal Bi Drive In only accepts cash, so swing by the ATM to get money out before you arrive.
-If you call in your order by phone, you’ll still need to stand in the long line to pay and get your meal.