Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe

Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe: Spectacular Coffee and a Bustling Atmosphere at Manoa's Hottest Cafe
The Bottom Line:

There's no shortage of hustle and bustle at Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe, but the line moves quickly and the exquisite flavors are worth waiting for. Treat yourself to one of the finest cups of coffee in Honolulu, along with a delicious pastry or one of many other satisfying breakfast options. You'll enjoy sipping and sampling as you relax on the patio, which provides great views of Honolulu's peaceful Manoa neighborhood. 

- The Local Expert Team

There are plenty of places to grab your daily caffeine in Honolulu, but no local coffee shops are quite like Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe. It may be situated in a quiet, out-of-the-way neighborhood, but this local favorite has certainly attracted its fair share of attention. Many devotees swear by the coffee served here. Word of mouth has attracted a few tourists, but this primarily remains a local haunt.

Don’t be put off by the cafe’s bustling atmosphere; the inevitable line moves fast and wait times are generally short. You’ll be willing to put up with a short wait, however, because the coffee at Morning Glass is nothing short of exquisite.

In most cases, coffee takes between five and ten minutes to brew. It’s hand-selected from the area’s top providers, plus roasted in-house to guarantee exceptional flavors.

A simple cup from the batch brew is sure to please — but you’ll be even happier if you treat yourself to one of the specialty drinks. While you’re at it, grab a pastry or order breakfast. Attention to detail is clearly just as vital for the food as it is for the signature coffee; everything is fresh and flavorful.

Leisure visits to Morning Glass Coffee are possible, but you may need to duke it out with other coffee lovers for one of a few seats. If you’re able to grab a spot on the patio, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the rolling hills. Umbrellas provide plenty of shade and may even shield you from the occasional light shower. 

Our favorite beverages include the following:

Ginger Latte
This flavorful latte gets a boost from the house-made ginger syrup. It can be served hot or iced but is always a favorite among the locals who frequent this cafe.

Sucker Punch
You’ve probably never imagined that lemonade and espresso could be an ideal combination. However, this drink will change your mind. Blending iced lemonade with a double shot of espresso, it certainly lives up to its name. 

Manoa Mint Fog
If you’re not a coffee fan, you will be pleased to discover that Morning Glass serves several tea-based beverages. The Manoa Mint Fog is a definite favorite, featuring hot peppermint tea, delectable honey, and steamed milk.

Favorite meals and pastries include:

Strawberry Lilikoi Scone
Add Hawaiian flair to your breakfast scone with this delightful house-made version. It includes the perfect amount of strawberry for a sweet start to the day, plus a delicious lilikoi glaze. 

Savory Scone
If you like the idea of starting your morning with a scone but aren’t in the mood for sweets, you’re in luck. This savory option includes a wonderful blend of local sweet potatoes, scallions, and feta. 

This unique offering has been described as a savory take on bread pudding. It’s packed with provolone, local tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, red onion, and pepperoncini.

Experience the best of the Manoa neighborhood as you discover the simple joy of sipping on a latte from Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe. You’ll love the flavors, the view, and the ambiance at this local favorite.

Insider Tips:
-Online ordering can expedite your visit, but beware: the digital ordering window closes before the coffee shop itself. Complete your order by 10 am to ensure that you’ll receive your favorite beverages and treats. If you’re able to remember this deadline, you can make the most of an easy ordering and pickup process. Don’t forget to check in when you arrive. You’ll grab your order around the corner and under the awning. 
-If you’d like to stock up on quality coffee, order a quart of cold brew concentrate or a bag of whole bean coffee. These options are available for purchase in the store or online.
-Parking can be limited in the small lot, but there is also street parking available. This is preferable if you’re hoping to stay for a while.