Alii Coffee Co.

Alii Coffee Co. - Local Roaster & Coffee Shop Offering Coff-Tails
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Alii Coffee Co. is a beloved local coffee roastery and coffee shop that offers unique caffeinated beverages, including their own specialty "coff-tails". With a shop near the heart of Honolulu, grab a cup of coffee here and enjoy your day exploring all the city has to offer. 

- The Local Expert Team

There are a lot of coffee shops and roasters in Hawaii. It is one of only two states that commercially grow coffee beans. Alii Coffee Co. is one that continues to stand out from the crowd. This is a coffee roastery with a coffee shop front that offers the very best in service and products to its Honolulu customers. 

Hawaii gets a fair number of transplants coming in to restart their lives in a tropical paradise. Especially when it comes to boutique shops and eateries that cater to visitors. This makes Alii Coffee Co. a bit of a rare exception for being a coffee shop founded and owned by Hawaiian-from-childhood, James Webb. He and his partner have worked to imbue their emerging brand with a reputation for high-quality ingredients and exceptional in-store service. 

While Alii Coffee Co. does focus on roasting local coffee beans, they have branched out and now roast beans from small sustainable farms around the world. Their focus is on putting the very best cup of coffee in front of you. One of the more prominent ways they do that is by offering what Alii Coffe Co. calls “Coff-Tails”. Similar to cocktails, only with espresso instead of a liquor shot at its heart. These coff-tails add special flavoring to really enhance the drink. For example, you might get the Mint Chip. A cold coffee drink that mixes in mint, cream, and Mexican chocolate for a sweet and minty caffeinated drink. 

As noted above, Alii Coffee Co. has several locations. However, its most prominent location is located just on the outskirts of downtown Honolulu near the intersection of S. Beretania St. and Bethel St. While S. Berentania St. doesn’t have shoulder parking here, there is conveniently a public parking lot just on this corner. 

The inside of Alii Coffee Co. is fairly sparse, albeit welcoming. The interior is bright with soft white walls and well-polished wood countertops packed with coffee and coffee-making tools and equipment. Which, while you will find plenty of great coffee, you won’t find many chairs. This isn’t quite the place to go if you want to grab a coffee and enjoy a couple of chapters of your favorite novel. Alii Coffee Co. is the place you go when you want a delicious beverage and maybe a bite to eat before you go on to explore the rest of Honolulu. 

A couple of other things to note about Alii Coffee Co.:

They serve good food and they make it easy
Alii Coffee Co. is best known for its coffee, but they also have some pretty good food too. You’ll find an array of breakfast sandwiches to choose from. Most of which are under the same blanket price menu. It is a bit higher than what you might find at comparative Honolulu breakfast spots. Crowd favorites include their creamy Tuna Melt and Hot Pastramin Breakfast Sandwiches.

Not in the mood for a coff-tail? You have options
The coff-tails are unique, but there are also plenty of other beverages to choose from at Alii Coffee Co. They have cold brews on tap, special espresso drinks, hot chocolate, and more.

Insider Tips:
-The ARTS at Marks Garage is just around the corner from Alii Coffee Co. on Bethel St. and is a great place to take your fresh coffee to. This is a collaborative art space that rotates local exhibits and artists; just the place to sip and peruse at. 
-Alii Coffee Co. has shortened hours, opening at 7 or 8 am depending on the day and closing at 1 or 2 pm. This is primarily a breakfast and early lunch spot and can get busiest shortly after opening and around noon for the lunch crowd. If you are looking for a more laid-back experience, we recommend going around 10 am, just after the breakfast crowd and before local professionals head over for a lunch break.