Karai Crab

Karai Crab – Where to Get Tantalizingly Good Seafood Creations in Honolulu
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4.5 / 5
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If you absolutely love rich, buttery goodness in every bite, Karai Crab is definitely calling your name. A true seafood sensation in Honolulu, this eatery lets you enjoy all the best seafood creations in a casual setting. They have takeout, too, but the full dining experience is a must at least once.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Do you love dipping fresh-caught seafood creations in buttery sauces galore? If so, you need to take a trip to Karai Crab – and pronto! A fan favorite in Honolulu, this restaurant proudly serves up just what you’re craving in huge portions. Their friendly service and low-key setting will have you feeling right at home, too, so don your stretchy pants and get ready to get stuffed to the gills.

Between their limited seating and immense popularity, you’re unlikely to find an open table right upon walking through the doors. For that reason, it’s often best to make reservations well ahead of your visit. If you only have four or fewer in your party, you can make your reservations right through their website. Otherwise, you’ll need to call to book your spot. Although that might sound like too much trouble, it’s well worth the effort.

Upon making that move, you’ll just have to walk in at the set time and date to get a table ASAP. Your server will provide a warm welcome as you come through the doors, and then help you get settled in your seat of choice. For the full dining experience, direct your gaze to the drink menu to start. On there, you’ll find cocktails, bottled beers, wines, shochu, hard seltzer, and so much more. Want non-alcoholic drinks? They have plenty to choose from, including Maui Brewing Company Sodas, Fruit Spritzers, and Tropical Iced Tea.

Once you have your preferred drink in mind, move on to the starter menu. Fried Chicken Skin Chips are the star of the show, for sure, with their deep-fried crispiness and housemade honey garlic dipping sauce. But their loaded fries are equally decadent and well worth taking up a bit of room in your belly.

After asking for your starter, don’t begin selecting your entrees quite yet. Let the possibilities swirl through your mind as you sip on your drink and sample your starter. Then, once you’re sure-sure, get your order into the kitchen lickety-split. Upon finishing up your starter, you’ll be more than ready for the next scrumptious creation to come your way.

To avoid missing out on pure decadence, skip the house specialties in favor of a Seafood Entrée of your picking. You’ll get to start by selecting your housemade sauce and heat level. Then, you’ll have to choose between all the amazing seafood creations, like King Crab Legs, Lobster Tail, and Live Clams.

You can also go all out and get a taste of it all by ordering up The Kraken. Just be sure to have three to five tablemates on hand to help you finish it all off.

Swing by to try the:

Okonomiyaki Fries
To kickstart your meal in style, go with the Okonomiyaki Fries, for sure. The chef makes this dish by frying up French fries ultra-crispy to help them hold up under all the toppings. After that, they drizzle on the kewpie mayo and okonomiyaki sauce before adding green onions, bonito, and pickled ginger.

Dungeness Cluster Combo
When nothing else will do but quality crab legs in huge portions, get the Dungeness Crab Combo. This dish comes with 1.25 to 1.5 pounds of crab leg clusters ready for you to devour. As if that’s not enough, perfectly prepared whole shrimp, mussels, clams, potatoes, corn, and pineapple sausage come alongside as well.

If you cannot resist the house specialties, the Catfish is the way to go. They make this dish by hand breading catfish filets and then taking them for a swim in the deep fryer. Once that’s done, seasoned French Fries land on the plate as well along with Cajun aioli dipping sauce.

Although you’re likely going to find it tough to save room in your belly, order up dessert anyway. Their Pecan Tarts and Chocolate Chip Potato Chip Cookies transport well, making them the perfect late-night snack. Just ask for them both to go before getting your bill, and then get ready to thank yourself later.

Insider Tips:
-Want the Whole Dungeness Crab? You’ll need to call the day before to see if it’s available and put in your pre-order.
-You’re welcome to put in your order for takeout by using the online system on their website. They offer delivery through Grubhub, too, if you’re in their service area.