Honolulu Coffee Experience Center

Fresh Grown, Fresh Roasted, Brewed With Aloha: The Honolulu Coffee Experience Center
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4.5 / 5
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When making your entrance into the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center, be prepared to be amazed. The beautiful, spacious design allows you to take it all in as you enter, smelling the heavenly aromas of coffee and baked treats all created right in-house. Sit down and stay awhile in this wonderful atmosphere while you enjoy a cup of coffee, or consider taking the tour to learn even more about the coffee brewing process. Don’t forget to stop in and see what merchandise is available, so you will forever remember your visit! 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Situated on Kalakaua Avenue in Honolulu, Hawaii, is the much beloved Honolulu Coffee Experience Center. There are many Honolulu Coffee cafes located all over Hawaii. Including cafes on the Big Island and Maui. However, the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center is the flagship location and is the setting for the private roasting tour.

The 9,000-square-foot Honolulu Coffee center opened its doors in 2015. It has since welcomed countless locals and tourists into a coffee lover’s paradise. They offer some of the best coffee in the entire world. The Honolulu Coffee Experience Center was designed to bring the community an authentic and comprehensive farm-to-roast-to-cup experience. Thousands of visitors yearly now enjoy witnessing the process of roasting. They then get to taste-test some recent brews as well as enjoy the bakery, cafe foods, and themed gift shop. 

The private educational tour has a duration of 90 minutes. The Kona beans that are featured in the tour are roasted by a passionate and experienced roasting team. This team is highly skilled at bringing out the natural fruit flavors for which Honolulu Coffee Experience is known. The rare 1944 Probat UG22 iron-cast roaster is also highlighted as part of the tour. 

Honolulu Coffee Experience is different from other cafes in the world due to the fact that they have their own coffee farm. This is part of the farm-to-cup experience that has been the backbone of the brand since it first began roasting, brewing, and selling coffee in 1992.

The Kona coffee farm is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and is situated on the beautiful slopes of the Mauna Loa Volcano. The tropical rain showers that frequent the area are vital to creating the ideal growing conditions needed to perfect the Honolulu Coffee taste. 

When visiting the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center, you can enjoy tastings, order bags of coffee, shop for merchandise— featuring free shipping for orders over $50— or participate in the private tour that reveals how the magic of coffee comes to fruition. All the coffee served and available for purchase is freshly roasted in the center. You can also enjoy the prized Kona coffee from Kona Farm as well when visiting any location. 

Some of the most popular coffee collections at Honolulu Coffee Experience include the Kona Estate Selection, Kona Extra Fancy, the Peaberry, the Kona Blend, Lokahi, and Makahiki, Lava Roast, Hapa Blend, and Decaf Honolulu collections. Of course, lattes are also immensely popular. As a guest at the center, you can enjoy your freshly brewed coffee on either indoor or outdoor seating. Merchandise options include themed coffee tumblers, mugs, stylish caps, tees, tote bags, coffee drippers, and more. There are also seasonal releases of merchandise. 

Guests note how interesting the experience was getting to watch the roasting process of the coffee. They rave about the outstanding cafe and bakery food and the friendliness of the crew. They also make note of particularly impressive latte art you can enjoy from the talented baristas. This welcoming atmosphere provides the perfect ambiance to start your day of relaxation in paradise. 

In addition to the coffee brewing process that is done in-house, Honolulu Coffee Experience also makes their bakery and cafe items fresh daily. When you visit you will get to enjoy some delicious sweet treats to go along with your superb coffee. Don’t forget about the cool brews as well which are particularly nice in the summer.

Insider Tips:
-The private educational tour includes a 15% discount on retail purchases. However, it’s important to remember that the discount has to be used on the day of the tour. 
-There is a 24-hour requirement for all reservations and cancelations of the private tour. 
-Guests note the abundance of parking options as well as shade tree parking spots that are available.