Mahina & Sun’s

Mahina & Sun's – Experience Exquisite Island Dishes Made in Honolulu
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At Mahina & Sun’s, Chef Erik Leong aims to take you on a journey through all the flavors of Hawaii by expertly reimagining home-cooked deliciousness. To get a taste, you just have to travel over to the Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club. Just be sure to make reservations, or you could risk missing out on enjoying the ultimate culinary experience.

- The Local Expert Team

Mahina & Sun’s is the quintessential upscale island eatery offering fine dining excellence in the heart of Honolulu. Located in the Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club, this sophisticated restaurant aims to take you on a trip through all the best flavors in Hawaii. Chef Erik Leong serves as your guide on each culinary journey by rolling out truly imaginative homecooked dishes served with flair.

Although reservations are not required, they are highly recommended, no matter when you want to swing by. You can start the day with a kick by coming by for breakfast bright and early in the morning. Or perhaps you want to rest between adventures with drinks and appetizers on the lanai. Dinner at Mahina & Sun’s is another excellent choice. especially if you want to nosh on your selections while enjoying live music played by talented local musicians.

Whenever you come through the doors, the beachy vibes will instantly set the stage for an amazing meal. Vivid wallpaper, neon signs with fun messages, like “Here Comes the Sun,” and colorful table settings (Hello, cactus cups!) beautifully elevate the interior design. The friendly service at Mahina & Sun’s brings everything together. Ensuring you feel right at home from the very second you arrive.

The star attraction is their food and drinks, though, so get busy putting in your order as soon as you sit down at a table. Different menus are used for various times of the day, including breakfast, afternoons on the lanai, and dinner. Mahina & Sun’s also have separate menus for all their beverages, including tiki cocktails perfectly handcrafted by Executive Bar Czar Christian Taibi.

You really cannot go wrong with what you pick. So, choose a dish that speaks to you the most and then pair it with your preferred drink. Every last item you order will come out of the kitchen expertly prepared and plated with pure artistry.

Mahina & Sun’s most popular items include:

Hanalei Moon
If you want to sip on all the best island flavors, get the Hanalei Moon, for sure. This tiki cocktail starts with a rum punch elevated by fresh fruit juice and spices from all over the island. To that, the bartender adds Bruno Mars’ Selvaray Coconut Rum to deepen the flavors even more.

Morning Burrito
You can start every day off on the right foot by enjoying a Morning Burrito. This simple yet decadent dish features scrambled eggs, chorizo, poblano peppers, and purple sweet potato in a large flour tortilla. Pureed charred salsa and crème fraiche go over the top of that right before it’s all rolled up tight.

Fried Fish Burger
The Mahina & Sun’s Fried Fish Burger allows you to savor fresh ocean flavors paired with crunchy goodness in every bite. This dish starts with a hand-battered and fried fish fillet. Then, it lands on a bun with cabbage, house pickles, and plenty of housemade tartar sauce.

If you cannot decide what to order for dinner, get a taste of all the fan favorites by ordering the Mahina Family Feast for the table. This dish comes with whole fried fish, a’u crudo, roasted roots poke, cucumber ume salad, rice, pickles, and aioli made three ways. Banana pudding gets served after the main course, too, allowing you to end your meal on a sweet note.

Insider Tips:
-Musicians play nightly from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. You can find them singing their tunes right by the poolside.
-Don’t have time for the full meal experience? Just call for takeout or have them bring your selections up to your room if you’re staying at the Surfjack. 
-When dining in a large group, a 20% gratuity is mandatory. although you can tip higher if you want. Mahina & Sun’s also limit split checks to four per reservation.