Ai Love Nalo

Ai Love Nalo – A Chill Way to Enjoy All the Best Vegan Fare in the Heart of Oahu
The Bottom Line:

For a chance to enjoy vegan food made using all the best island flavors in Oahu, you can count on Ai Love Nalo to come through in a big way. Although they’ve temporarily closed their restaurant doors, for the most part, their meal plans are second to none – and they occasionally open up shop for the lucky few who come by.  

- The Local Expert Team

At Ai Love Nalo, vegan fare is the name of the game and they definitely hit it out of the park with each dish. They always use the freshest island ingredients in creating their menu items, giving you bright, bold flavors in every bite.

Ai Love Nalo occasionally kicks open the doors to treat Oahu to their culinary expertise. While only using quality vegan ingredients, they put a fun spin on Hawaiian classics, like poke, plus offer a wide range of decadent drinks. Their Kona cold brew-based Daily Dose, for example, brings in people from all over the island as they look to start their day off right.

Beyond that, they offer exquisite meal plans that let you learn how to create vegan creations of all kinds and flex your own prowess in the kitchen. You can order the plans on a regular basis to expand your cooking skills and help you imagine up your very own delights. Once you get going, it’s hard to stop because you instantly miss their featured items and the chance to learn new skills.

When their doors are open, Ai Love Nalo puts tons of tender love and care into every interaction. They warmly welcome their patrons through the doors, answer all their questions, and then do all they can to provide an exceptional dining experience. They make everyone feel like family in an instant, helping spread their love for the community far and wide.

With only 35 seats all around, the dining room at Ai Love Nalo offers a cozy aesthetic that will leave you feeling right at home. Before you grab a seat, you’ll want to put in your order right at the front counter. Then, you can kick back and relax as they get your items ready to enjoy. Every dish comes out in a takeout box, so you can jet out to your dining spot of choice or just chow down right then and there.

Jet in to enjoy these at Ai Love Nalo:

Daily Dose
A definite fan favorite, the Daily Dose promises to kick you into high gear, so you can enjoy all your island adventures to the fullest. Available in 16- and 20-ounce sizes, this smoothie features 100% Kona cold brew coffee plus coconut milk, bananas, cacao powder, dates, and cacao nibs.

Poifect Parfait
On their Brunch for Lunch menu, you’ll find their absolutely luscious Poifect Parfait. When you order this dish, you get pineapple, papaya, sweet potato, banana, and avocado covered in freshly-made local poi. Then, they top it with granola, cacao coconut flakes, and a drizzle of honey.

Tofu Poke Bowl
The Tofu Poke Bowl at Ai Love Nalo puts an incredible spin on a local gem, giving you all the best flavors without the seafood. They make this bowl by seasoning local organic tofu, and then mixing it up with avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, green onion, sweet onion, and furikake. After that, it all goes over a bed of greens and millet, brown rice, or both to bring all the flavors together beautifully.

When dining at Ai Love Nalo, save room in your belly for dessert to avoid missing out on all their sweet treats. Their Triple Truffle Sampler, for example, lets you devour vegan chocolate chip truffles smothered in coffee coconut crumbs, cacao peppermint, and ginger and mac nut pieces. Want something a little heavier? Go with their Gramma Nani’s Bread made with gluten-free flour plus tropical fruits and mac nuts galore. You also cannot go wrong with their Outta This Swirled Soft Serve, which features a banana and coconut milk base plus plenty of tropical mix-ins.

Insider Tips:
-Plan early if you want to join the lunch rush because traffic gets rather heavy during that time.
-Curious if Ai Love Nalo is open for the day? Just give them a call to find out before you leave your hotel.