Island Brew Coffeehouse

Island Brew Coffeehouse – Serving Truly Unique Latte Flavors and More in Honolulu
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When you want to take your coffee-sipping experience to the next level, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Island Brew Coffeehouse. Their 100% Hawaii coffee always delights the tastebuds, especially if you go with their super unique latte flavors. Snacks and more are on site as well, allowing you to get energized for all your Honolulu adventures.

- The Local Expert Team

If you’re craving 100% Hawaiian coffee done right, set your sights on a visit to Island Brew Coffeehouse. Located in Honolulu’s Ala Moana Center, this popular coffee shop specializes in creating unique latte drinks to remember. But they definitely don’t stop there.

In addition to their fancy lattes, Island Brew Coffeehouse expertly brews all the top espresso drinks. From cortados to cappuccinos, they brew it. Fruit smoothies and tea galore round out their beverage options. Then, they bring it all together with all the best breakfast and lunch fare. For example, Loco Moco, Waffles and French Toast, and Turkey Pesto Melts.

Although all their offerings are good enough reasons to come in all on their own, their friendly service promises to make you want to come back on the daily. Their staff always welcomes everyone through the doors with their bright aloha spirit. Then, Island Brew Coffeehouse does all they can to ensure all their patrons enjoy the quintessential island coffee shop experience.

With all the inviting vibes surrounding you, it’ll be hard to take your selections on the go. Thankfully, you can find a cozy seat and relax while savoring all the good eats and drinks in your midst. They have plenty of seating inside, including wrapped benches, lounge chairs by the window, and quaint café tables here and there. There’s even a table or two outside if you prefer to enjoy the fresh island air while sipping your drink.

Once you get a taste of what they’re serving up, you’ll want to come back to Island Brew Coffeehouse time and again. If that’s not possible, you can do the next best thing and order their beans for delivery right to your doorstep. Go with their House Blend if you want to return to all the flavors served to you at every visit. Want to try something new? Rusty’s Kau dark or medium roast will surely provide you with all the bold Hawaiian coffee notes you crave.   

You simply must enjoy the:

Haupia Latte 
Available hot or iced, the Haupia Latte is an island favorite through and through. This drink puts coconut on center stage, so it can elevate the bold roasted coffee flavors even more. You’re welcome to order it as-is or add your own special touch with extra espresso shots, alternative kinds of milk, or additional syrups. Just don’t skip the dusting of cinnamon powder over the top.

Raspberry Mocha
Although coffee doesn’t often get a fruity kick, it just works in the Raspberry Mocha. This Island Brew Coffeehouse drink pairs the essence of fresh raspberries with rich coffee tones to create a memorable combination that you’re sure to love. To get yours, choose your size, whether you’d like it iced or hot, and then decide if you want to make any changes.

Da Elvis Shake
Da Elvis Shake celebrates the King of Rock ‘n Roll’s favorite flavors by putting them in a milkshake. Upon putting in your order, the team will get to work blending up bananas and peanut butter with quality ice cream. For the best experience, get the glass instead of a to-go cup if you’re planning on enjoying your shake right in-house. 

Always made to order, the Island Brew Coffeehouse food is second to none. Allowing you to get fueled up for all your island adventures. You can start your day off right with a Bagel with Lox, Veggie Frittata, or even Green Eggs & Ham. Or satisfy your sweet tooth with French Toast or Waffles. Both come absolutely covered in powdered sugar, fresh fruit, and housemade whipped cream. If you come in later in the day, try their French Onion Burger, Turkey Club, or Tomato Basil Flatbreads, for sure.

Insider Tips:
-Feel free to connect to their public Wi-Fi whenever you’re visiting Island Brew Coffeehouse.
-If you don’t have time to stop by and wait for your items, put in your order online through their website. They’ll have all your items ready to go when you arrive. Want delivery? Uber Eats has your back.
-Always check the chalkboard for new latte drinks before ordering. Otherwise, you might miss out on their most imaginative flavors yet.