CLIMB Works Keana Farms

Always Climb: CLIMB Works Keana Farms
Local Expert's Rating:
5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The zipline course at CLIMB Works Keana Farms gives you unprecedented views of Oahu’s famous North Shore. This safe activity includes instructional help as well, meaning you can rest assured you will be safe on this adventure, even if you have never before attempted a ropes or zipline course of any kind. This world-class zipline tour is a must-add to any Hawaiian vacation itinerary. 

- The Local Expert Team

CLIMB Works at Keana Farms opened in June 2014 after the CLIMB brand had already established itself on the mainland in 2010. With the motto “Always Climb” the CLIMB acronym stands for Challenge. Learn. Inspire. Master. Believe. The idea behind the creation of this world-class zipline tour on Oahu’s North Shore is to get guests out of their comfort zone within a safe, controlled environment. 

The Keana Farm name is derived from Ahupuaa of Keana, which is an old historical name of the location. Through the years, the modern-day location now called Keana Farms has remained a working agricultural farm. Yearly, the farm proudly produces over a million pounds of produce that provide for local markets. 

The combination of a CLIMB facility at the beautiful location of Keana Farm is purposefully designed. The adventure of ropes or zipline courses can bring about excitement and even fear in some. However, the adventure is set in the natural background of the farm and promotes relaxation and calmness. This combination thankfully pushes guests to go beyond what is comfortable and embrace the adventure, safely. 

CLIMB Works as a brand found its start in doing safety training, inspecting, and building ropes courses. Practical design and quality workmanship were what originally— and still continue— to set it apart from other companies. 

Keana Farms, home to CLIMB Works, was established to preserve the land and create a positive impact on the local community, including serving the role of job creator. Thankfully, this is the ultimate in ziplines meeting a working tropical farm makes for an unforgettable adventure. 

The CLIMB Works Keana Farm experience features the longest zipline course in all of Oahu. It ranges from 500 feet to nearly half a mile. This three-hour guided zipline tour includes getting to explore a working agricultural farm as part of dual lines. The course features two repels, and three sky bridges, and there are even fun ATV opportunities at the ridge top along with other surprises. Guests get to learn about Hawaii’s rich culture and history while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains and oceans of Oahu’s North Shore. 

The level of difficulty for the zipline course ranges from easy to moderate. Guests aged seven and up can participate with a maximum weight allowance of 270 lbs. CLIMB Works encourage guests to dress for the weather in comfortable clothing while typing long hair back. Keep in mind that Hawaii frequently experiences rain showers, so make sure any clothing worn can get a little wet. The zipline tour will take place rain or shine in most cases. 

Bring along phones, GoPros, and cameras at your own risk. CLIMB Works Keana Farms recommends any of these items be strapped to you or kept in secure pockets. Thankfully, you don’t have to bring these items along with you as CLIMB Works will take photos along the way as part of each tour, which you can then purchase later. Therefore, in many cases, it’s better to simply leave these items behind. 

Although ziplining is a great adventure, guests don’t have to be in overly pristine shape to participate. In fact, ziplining itself is pretty easy and does not require an immense amount of strength. CLIMB guests range from the young age of 7 all the way up to 90 years of age. However, anyone who wants to try this course should be able to lift their knees to their waist, stand for between two and three hours, and should be able to climb a few flights of stairs.

Insider Tips:
-There are no bathrooms on the zipline tour but there are bathrooms in the check-in area. 
-CLIMB Works at Keana Farms recommends you make reservations. They do accommodate walk-ins when possible, but many times there is no availability. Ideally, you should aim to make your reservation at least five days in advance of your visit. 
-There are lockers available for use at the facility for small items. Everything else should be left in the guest vehicles.