Azure Restaurant – Experience Exquisite Beachfront Dining in the Heart of Waikiki
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Whether you’re planning a romantic date night or just want to enjoy dinner with friends in Oahu, Azure Restaurant will definitely exceed your every expectation. During your four-course dinner, you’ll get to enjoy phenomenal views of the waterfront, amazing culinary creations, and the highest quality of service around. A trip to Waikiki is simply not complete with a visit to this upscale beachfront eatery.

- The Local Expert Team

From Thursday through Sunday each week, Azure serves up dinner to remember at their world-class beachfront restaurant in Waikiki, Oahu. At each visit to this restaurant at the Royal Hawaiian Resort, you get to enjoy a handcrafted four-course dinner menu created by their talented chef, Shingo Katsura. But before you get to dig in, you’ll need to let your friendly server know just where you’d like to sit.  

With Azure’s upscale interior design and intimate candle lighting, the indoor dining room never fails to impress. If you want the full oceanfront dining experience, however, you’ll want to grab a table outside on the patio instead. Either way, your server will get you settled in at your table, bring out the menus, and set out ice water to start off your meal.

After that, you can simply admire the view while waiting for the first course to arrive. Although the Azure menu changes seasonally, you can expect a flavorful salad or another light appetizer to start. For the second and third courses, you’ll choose between their two entrees – or go with their vegetarian-friendly variation. Each course comes with a hand-selected wine pairing designed to perfectly complement the flavors before you.

Once you’re finished with your selections, you get to enjoy a scrumptious dessert and a glass of wine to match. By the end of the dinner service at Azure, you’re sure to walk away wholly satisfied with the flavors, creativity, and portion sizes. The quality of service promises to leave you feeling impressed as well, as does the low-key ambiance and exceptional views.

Definitely try these items at Azure:

Asparagus Salad
The Asparagus Salad will whet your appetite in style while leaving plenty of room for the rest of the courses. To create this fabulous starter, they perfectly prepare the asparagus, and then add to its flavors with ricotta, almonds, pickled green mango, and fried brioche. To bring all the ingredients together, Azure finishes it off with grapefruit coulis, ginger agrodolce, and mint.

Poached Scallops
The Poached Scallops land on the second course to let you savor all the best island flavors. This dish starts with scallops pan-seared to perfection and is topped with red pepper and ogo. To that, they jazz up the dish with cucumber, pea tendrils, lemon confit, and a rich coconut milk vinaigrette.

Seared Tofu
If you go with the vegetarian-friendly option for the third course at Azure, you’ll likely get to sample their decadent Seared Tofu. Added in place of the Snake River Farm Wagyu Striploin, the tofu lands on the plate golden brown on both sides. Then, they take its flavors to the next level by adding truffled cream corn, Swiss chard, leeks, pickled garlic, and fried king mushroom.

Russian Honey Cake
You can always count on the Russian Honey Cake to finish off your dinner service just right. This cake is made using a time-honored recipe and all the freshest ingredients from around the island and beyond. Once it’s done, they put a slice on the plate before drizzling on the dark chocolate ganache and crème fraiche. After that, a variety of orange slices go on top along with plenty of hazelnuts.

When you spend over $25 on your Azure restaurant visit, you get four hours of parking for free. To take advantage of the extra time, plan to walk the beautiful Waikiki Beach after your meal. If you stroll all the way down to the other end of the beach, you’ll end up at the Duke Paoa Kahanamoku Statue. Be sure to take a couple of photos to commemorate your trip, and then grab drinks at one of the many nearby bars before your free parking time runs out.  

Insider Tips:
Azure does not accept cash payments, so make sure to bring your credit or debit card.
-Although they are a beachside restaurant, they request that you wear resort wear to your meal.
-To make sure that a table is open when you arrive, make your reservations ahead of time through their website.