5 Top Couples Activities of Molokai

Molokai, while being a small island, has plenty to offer when it comes to the outdoors. If you and your significant other are searching for activities to enjoy together on the island, choose an outdoor activity on the island to occupy your time. Whether it’s hiking up to witness a stunning waterfall or simply meandering together in the jungle of Hawaii, you both will feel the spirit of Aloha while you’re vacationing in Molokai.

If you’re wondering which activities to enjoy as a couple, look no further.

Here are 5 of the top activities to enjoy as a couple on the island of Molokai:

Halawa Valley

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About a 2-hour drive from the Molokai airport, you’ll find yourself transcended into Halawa Valley. The hike to get to this point is roughly a three-mile hike, but offers some of the most incredible views. Admire the waterfall of Halawa Valley and find yourself intimately wrapped in the scenic valley. You’ll find yourselves walking through rivers and exploring the culture of Hawaii on this hike, a definite must for your visit to Molokai.

Kamakou Preserve

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East Molokai holds a rainforest that will feel like a dream when you both enter it together. The Kamakou Preserve is located in the mountains and surrounds you with a variety of native plants and animals. Admire the birds within the trees, the ferns that cover your footed area, and the jungle trees of Molokai. A rare experience and trail that both of you will get magically lost in.

Hike to Phallic Rock

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An ancient site of love and fertility, Phallic Rock – also known as Kaule o Nanahoa – can be reached by a short trail. The legend speaks of a fertility god and his wife – who gets turned into stone. Women still come here and pray to become fertile, with offerings in hopes to become with-child. Learn the history and culture of Molokai together, educating yourself with the folklore of the island. For those who are wanting to get pregnant soon, this is a wonderful site to come visit.

Moloka’i Plumerias

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The Molokai Plumeria Orchard is a fun and breathtaking way to take in the island. Tour the orchard and view all of the tropical Hawaiian flowers! Molokai Plumerias is a family-run business and the family certainly loves what they do. Pick some plumerias and have them teach you how to make your very own lei! A truly unique and rare experience that both of you will love.

Halawa Beach Park

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At Halawa Beach, you’ll find two beaches comprised into one. Ideal for sunbathing, picnics, and fishing — Halawa Beach is a stunning beach located on Molokai’s east shore. Part of the beach park known as Kama’alaea Beach is wonderful for swimming, except when currents can get a little rough. There are no lifeguards at this beach, however, so use caution if you decide to enter the waters.

Whatever you choose, you and your partner will enjoy every second of exploring this island. Molokai may be small, but it boasts an array of fun moments and experiences that you will not forget. Spend each day on the island with love in your heart and adventure on your mind, you won’t regret vacationing on this island.

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