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At the young age of 5, Brittany Mendez started building her relationship with the Hawaiian Islands. In fact, her first ever plane ride was a quick plane ride from California to Maui, one she will never forget. When she first visited a Hawaiian Island, she was quickly in awe of all the beauty and experiences that the island had to offer, even though she was still too young to appreciate it fully. Looking back at that first experience, she still remembers seeing the Hawaiian sunsets for the first time, the Road to Hana drive with guided cassette tapes, and the tiki torches that lit up the night.

As she got older, she was able to visit frequently with a different perspective. Now, she was able to go on hikes. She was able to feel the spiritual connection to the island. She was able to learn about the sacredness of certain locations and the culture of the islands. After visiting all the islands, she quickly learned that each island had its own beauty and its own special features.

She tries to visit the islands whenever she can, as they make her feel at home and extremely connected to nature. From stunning waterfalls to nature parks to a mixture of terrain — each island allows her to truly connect to the different aspects of nature. Although she can’t make up her mind as to which island is her favorite, she agrees that all hold a special place in her heart.