How to Have Fun with Your Kids in Molokai

Bringing the kids with you on a trip to Molokai? No problem! We understand the stress of finding entertaining activities for the children to enjoy while you are all on vacation.

Molokai, while not the most “hustle and bustle” of all the islands, still has plenty of wonderful activities to enjoy. Between beaches and farms, you and the children will equally have the time of your life and a scrapbook full of memories to look back on.

Here are the top activities in Molokai to enjoy with your children:

Halawa Tropical Flower Farm

Photo Credit by @shananigans65 on Instagram

Bring the kids on a trip to see the Halawa Tropical Farm in Molokai. Kalani, the owner, describes his detailed story of his family and heritage to start off your experience at this farm. Get a tour of the stunning tropical plants, and then hike to a marvelous waterfall. This activity is sure to delight mini nature lovers and those little adventurers of the family.

Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Photo Credit by @kristenleighmetzger on Instagram

A story of when the Leprosy disease was brought to the Hawaiian Islands, those were banished to Kalaupapa. Ride on your mule to this historical location, view the magnificent sea cliffs, and learn about the history of the island. The Kalaupapa National Historical Park is now known to be a place of preservation and education. It is also now a refuge for the remaining residents who were forced to live their lives in isolation. A sure educational treat for the entire family full of learning and stunning views along the way.

Purdy’s Macademia Nut Farm

Photo Credit by @hannahmossdavies on Instagram

A unique type of educational experience, tour Purdy’s Natural Macadamia Nut Farm! Learn how to crack a mac and appreciate the process of how macadamia nuts come to be. There are also sampling opportunities, so open wide and take in a spoon full of macadamia honey! An extremely informative trip, you and your kids will be talking about macadamia nuts for the rest of the day!

Molokai Plumeria Orchard

Photo Credit by @molokai_plumerias on Instagram

Kids will love admiring the beautiful plumerias at the Molokai Plumeria Orchard. A family-run business, these tours are nothing short of extraordinarily special. Pick some stunning plumerias and have them help you make your very own lei. A creative and informative experience for children, let their imaginations wander.

Big Wind Kite Factory

Photo Credit by @bigwindkitefactory on Instagram

A gift shop full of color and excitement, the Big Wind Kite Factory has been open for more than 40 years! Admire the unique designs on each kite and run around the beaches of Molokai with some bright yellows and reds in the sky. This friendly staff will help you with any questions you have, and you will leave with another fun activity to enjoy in the open areas of the island.

Never worry about bringing the kids to Molokai, because there are truly a variety of ways to keep everyone entertained. Indulge in some outdoor activities and bond with each other as you fly a kite in the sky, educate yourself with the many tours of the island, and simply breathe in the ocean water and sandy shores.