3 Incredible Locations to Catch a Sunset in Molokai

Sunsets have a magical way of putting us at ease yet leaving us in awe. When it comes to the Hawaiian Islands, there is absolutely no shortage of beautiful colors in the sky. In fact, each island brings a little something extra to the table when it comes to sunsets. Molokai, although a rather small island, boasts great opportunities to appreciate sunsets! If you’re visiting Molokai or planning out a trip to the island, there are 3 incredible locations to spot stunning sunsets.

Here are 3 spots in Molokai to watch unbelievable sunsets:

 Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove

Photo Credit by @sixislands on Instagram

A natural landmark, the Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove fills the sky with palm trees. Spot the sunset from this area and view the orange and yellow sky mixed with the silhouette of palm trees. Although the park itself is now closed, you can still witness the beautiful combo from nearby. Probably for the best, considering that coconuts often fall from these old trees and could bonk you in the head.

Papohaku Beach Park

Photo Credit by @susan.larsson.images on Instagram

One of the largest white sand beaches, Papohaku Beach is three miles of incomparable beauty. If you’re planning on swimming here before the sunset, use caution as it could potentially be hazardous and there are no lifeguards that patrol this beach. Instead of swimming, read a book and relax underneath the shade! There are also fewer crowds that come to this beach, so you can rely on a great view when it comes time to see the stunning colors.

Kaunakakai Harbor

Photo Credit by @kalamansi_tree on Instagram

A commercial and recreational harbor, Kaunakakai Harbor is known for the crazy colors that greet the sky as the sun sets. This wharf is also the longest wharf in the state of Hawaii, with a small marked swimming area for those who want to get a swim in. This harbor is also located by a few shops, so go shopping around right before you catch a glimpse of one of the most beautiful sunsets.

Molokai hosts great opportunities to catch the natural beauty of the island. Whether it’s the views from pristine beaches or the views in the sky, there are many options when it comes to witnessing some truly incredible experiences. Take a journey to this island and take in the magnificent colors of the sky.