Nahiku Marketplace

Nahiku Marketplace – A Great Place to Rest Up as You Travel the Road to Hana
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4 / 5
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As you cruise down the Road to Hana, keep watch for the Nahiku Marketplace. Located right at Mile Marker 29, this little rest stop serves as a great place to stretch your legs, shop around, and get a bite to eat. Their local vendors change up often, but you can always count on ending up wholly impressed at each visit.

- The Local Expert Team

As you travel down the Road to Hana, you’ll undoubtedly want to get refreshed with a stop at the Nahiku Marketplace. Set right at Mile Marker 29, this quaint rest stop gives you room to stretch your legs while visiting local vendors. The shops and eateries right onsite have all you need to reenergize for the road ahead while picking up a few souvenirs along the way. Their vendors change often, too, keeping the experience fresh and new at every visit.

The marketplace sits right along the roadway, so you definitely can’t miss it as you drive on down the scenic path. The trees open up to small huts along the road, lined with parking stalls right out front. As soon as you see that, slow way down, so you can carefully pull in and find a spot to park your car. After that, you’re free to explore all the vendors onsite to see what they’re selling or serving up that day.

As far as refreshments go, coffee, fresh tropical fruit, and classic Hawaiian dishes are almost always on tap. On top of that, you might find BBQ, tacos, and everything in between. You’ll want to fill up with a big meal while you’re here. So, either get a huge entrée from one of the vendors or grab snacks here and there until you fill up your belly. Since you’re not likely to find more restaurants on the road ahead, look around for packaged snacks you can keep by your side on the rest of your travels.

At least one of the stalls will have apparel, knickknacks, and other local goods on display for your consideration. The souvenirs often come from skilled local artisans, so be sure to ask about the creators as you find items that catch your eye.

Whenever possible, stop in to eat at:

Nahiku Café
Do you want to kick your day into high gear in an instant? Stop in at the Nahiku Café for a coffee and banana bread. Their baristas are always happy to whip up all the classic espresso drinks, including scrumptious mac nut lattes. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, ask about their milkshakes, tea, and other drinks. Whatever you do, don’t forget to grab a loaf (or three!) of their luscious banana bread to enjoy on all your adventures.

Max Bullah BBQ
If you’re in the mood for smoked meats galore, order up your fill at Max Bullah BBQ. They always have decadent Huli Huli chicken plus pulled pork and so much more. Their meats are plenty good enough on their own, although their rice and steamed veggie sides never fail to take them to the next level.

Island Chef
Is seafood deliciousness calling your name? If so, get on over to the Island Chef. Always made using fresh, local catches, their Fish and Chips are out of this world delicious. But it’s the Coconut Shrimp and Chips that keep loyal patrons coming back for more on all their island visits.

Most of the food vendors do not have any seating set up. So, plan to either eat in your car or take your food on the road. If you do eat in the car, don’t be surprised to have people sitting nearby eagerly awaiting a chance to take your spot. They’ll be doubly disappointed if you get right back out again after eating, so consider doing all your shopping before getting your meal to go.

Insider Tips:
-The parking lots get rather full around the noontime hours. If you can’t find a place to park, consider stopping by on your return trip instead.
-Need Wi-Fi? Many vendors will provide their password after you make a purchase. The Internet can be spotty at times though.
-Since the internet doesn’t always cooperate, vendors often have to go cash only. So, make sure to hit up the ATM before traveling the Road to Hana.