Maui Waveriders

Maui Waveriders – Master the Basics of Surfing and SUP in Beautiful Kihei
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4 / 5
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If you’ve always wanted to ride the waves like the pros, you can get started on your journey with Maui Waveriders. At this popular surf school, they teach the basics of both surfing and stand-up paddleboarding all along the shores of beautiful Kihei. Although just two hours long each, their lessons will have you standing up on the board with confidence in no time flat.

- The Local Expert Team

Want to feel the wind through your hair as you ride the waves like the pros? If so, then you just need to sign up for a lesson with Maui Waveriders. At this popular Kihei surf school, their instructors will help you learn the basics of surfing in just two hours, getting you standing on the board in no time flat. On top of that, you can take their stand-up paddleboarding lesson for a glimpse into the other side of the wave-riding world.

If that sounds like just what you need in your life, all you have to do is book your lesson through their website. Keep in mind that you’ll want to go as early as possible just in case you fall in love with surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. That way, you can return for rental gear and spend quality time on the beach all throughout your visit to the island.

Upon booking your spot online, all you have to do is show up on the selected date. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early to give yourself enough time to park and get checked in. The check-in process will include your equipment setup. They will provide the surf shoes, rash guard, and safety shoes you need out on the water. You’ll also get paired with the right size soft-top surfboard or stand-up paddleboard.

After that, you’ll go out to the water’s edge and spend about 15 minutes learning basic techniques and water safety. The rest of the lesson will take you out onto the water where you’ll first learn how to stand up on the board. Then, you’ll practice different maneuvers at your own speed, while the instructors provide helpful tips along the way.

You can sign up for additional lessons afterward – or just come back to rent gear and go out on your own. They offer same-day gear rentals if you just want to go out for a few hours. Or you can rent your gear by the day to keep the surfing and paddleboarding fun going all throughout your trip.

Their services include:

Surf Lessons
Available on a private and semi-private basis, the surf lessons will teach you the basics to start, and then the sky is the limit in where you go from there. Their talented instructors always adjust the lesson to meet the students’ needs, making it easy to master slick moves on the water.

SUP Lessons
The stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP, lessons also start with the basics and go from there. As you glide across the calm water, you’ll learn how to maneuver the board and even do a couple of sweet tricks. If you prefer to keep things chill instead, just simply paddle around and enjoy the picturesque views all around.

Equipment Rentals
They have all the high-quality equipment you need to have a blast on the water while staying safe always. Their soft-top and hard-top surfboards come in 6- to 12-foot sizes. They also have stand-up paddleboards and body boards, plus tons of accessories, like tie down straps, booties, rash guards, and life jackets.

If you go with a same-day rental, you can pick up your gear as early as 7 am. You will need to return it by 2:45 pm to avoid getting charged for an extra day. Always return your surf and SUP boards rinsed off with clean water. Also, wrap the leash up as instructed to help keep the equipment nice for the next guests.

Insider Tips:
-You can schedule your visit up to 90 days in advance – and they’ll take your payment out right away. If you’d like to schedule more than 90 days prior to your trip, your payment won’t come out until 72 hours before your arrival.
-Always provide at least 24 hours’ notice for all cancellations. Otherwise, you’ll be on the hook for 50% of the total fee.
-If travel delays make it impossible to arrive at your lesson on time, let them know before 5pm for a chance to reschedule for free.