Lahaina Recreation Center

Free Fun for the Whole Family at Lahaina Recreation Center
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4 / 5
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Find free outdoor fun for everyone in one convenient location at the Lahaina Recreation Center. Ball fields, a park, playgrounds, an aquatic center, and much more await when you want to take a break from the tourist attractions while still getting outside.

- The Local Expert Team

Build some quiet time into your vacation with a free side trip to the Lahaina Recreation Center. Take in the local scene by spending time in this nine-acre park where you will find has activities for all ages. Whether you want to let your kids play on the playground, walk around the paths, or watch local sporting organizations play at the fields, you can fill your day with fun, all for free.

This large park includes several public facilities. Four covered pavilion and picnic tables provide you with places to sit down and enjoy your lunch. A dog park offers locals a place for their pets to play. Kids can enjoy the playground. Local teams play on the ballfields. And walking paths offer a safe place to get some exercise. Lastly, the open area works well for numerous impromptu forms of recreation from frisbee tossing to people watching.

The county does a good job of maintaining the park and keeping it clean and safe. You will find a well-lit parking area, restrooms, and several sporting fields. Many local leagues play on these baseball, soccer, and softball fields and at the volleyball and basketball courts. When these groups play games, the parking lot may fill with visitors, but they’re still plenty of spaces available.

While much of Lahaina has shade, this park has sunlight bathing its wide-open spaces. Locals frequently come here to enjoy the dog park or playground with their pets or kids. But you don’t have to be a local to enjoy the facilities at the recreation center. Entry and parking for this park are both free for everyone, visitors and residents alike.

The public pool located next to the recreation center is also owned by the county and free to use for everyone. You might need to make reservations and come prepared for swimming instead of changing in the locker rooms, depending on the current restrictions in place.

When visiting, bring with you whatever you would like to have to enjoy your time in an open park. Picnicking at the provided tables or on a blanket in the open area is an option. There are several places around Lahaina where you can pick up a meal and bring it to the park. Another option is going to the ball fields to watch local teams play. Depending on when you visit, you could catch a Little League game and enjoy the excitement of youth baseball alongside eager parents and friends of the players.

Creative types may like to sit in the grass and play music, write, or draw. The open spaces and chances for people watching offer plenty of inspiration.

If you have kids, let them play on the playground, or toss a frisbee around with them in the open space. Visitors to the park with kids frequently mention how fun this park is for their children. Since most kids like to experience new play areas, bringing yours here can create an important memory for them on vacation.

You don’t need to have kids to have fun at this park. It’s ideal for people watching or just relaxing in fresh air without feeling pressure to take a tour, buy souvenirs, or take pictures every second. During your vacation, you should take some time to slow down and just relax. The Lahaina Recreation Center gives you the chance to do just that at no cost.

When you want to have a break from the beach or step away from the tourist hot spots, visit the Lahaina Recreation Center. You will get a feel for how the locals spend their time while enjoying free park facilities.  

Insider Tips:
-Bring your swimsuit for swimming at the aquatic center across the street from the main recreation center. Both are county properties and free for use.
-The lighted parking lot has more than 100 spots, so you’ll always find a spot available, even at the busiest times.