Hi Tech Surf Sports

Hi Tech Surf Sports – Offering All the Gear You Need for Oceanside Adventures in Kahului
The Bottom Line:

Is it time to gear up for oceanside adventures in Kahului? If so, jet on over to Hi Tech Surf Sports for all the items you need. They’re happy to help you find your perfect boogieboards, surfboards, paddleboards, and even skateboards to rent or buy outright.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you want to hit the water in style, you need Hi Tech Surf Sports on your side. As a premier demo/rental center in Kahului, they have all the gear you need for surfing, paddleboarding, boogie-boarding, and so much more. They can even get you set up to skate the streets of Maui in between all your ocean adventures.  

To get what you need, you just need to jet by their shop at your convenience. Just be ready to feel completely overwhelmed with all the options before you. From wall to wall, they have all the best gear from the leading brands, including Firewire, Takayama, Jimmy Lewis, Kazuma, Quatro, Ezzy, and so many more. On top of that, their gear comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and configurations to best suit all their patrons’ needs.

Fortunately, their team is more than happy to help you explore all the gear, starting with a quick discussion about your plans for adventure. Upon learning what you want to do, they will use their expertise to make suggestions on just what gear will serve you best. Their passion for oceanside fun shines through always, which can result in some lively conversations. They bring a warm aloha spirit to every interaction, too, making sure you know that you’re a valued customer.  

As you explore their stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, and windsurfing gear, you’ll need to decide if you want to rent or go all out in making a purchase. If you’re only in town for a short while, rentals are the way to go, of course. Their rentals also work well if you just want to try out the gear a bit before you commit to a big purchase. They rent out their gear by the day, offering lower rates for extended rental periods.

As far as skateboards and boogie boards go you’ll have to buy those items outright. They will happily build your perfect skateboard using your selected deck, trucks, wheels, and grip tape. Just browse the rest of the items in their shop while you wait for them to complete the build. They have so many incredible shirts, hats, towels, bags, and other items for sale across their shop. You can easily spend more than an hour exploring all they have to offer.

Popular rental products include:

Stand Up Paddleboards
Stand-up paddleboard rentals let you glide across the water while enjoying the most beautiful views around. In their rental collection, they have over 40 boards for beginner to advanced paddleboarders, including top picks from brands like Starboard and Quatro. All their boards come with quality paddles from Kialoa or Quickblade, ensuring you are well-equipped for your day out on the water.

If you want to ride the waves like the pros, you need surfboards built for the conditions in Maui. Fortunately, it’s easy to get just that by exploring their wide variety of short, hybrid, and longboards. Need different boards as the surf conditions change? Just come by the shop to take advantage of their unlimited exchange program.

For a chance to experience the sheer power of the wind and ocean in Maui, rent windsurfing equipment. At this shop, they beautifully pair sailboards from top brands like Naish and Quatro with high-quality sails. With that move, they give you the equipment needed to perfect your skills out on the water.

If you cannot stop thinking about all the amazing items in their store upon returning home, just shop your heart out through their website. They have surfboards, apparel, and many other of their top items available to purchase online. Soon after you complete your order, they’ll ship them right out to your front door, letting you build your collection of adventure gear one piece at a time.  

Insider Tips:
-Not sure where to take your gear once you get it? Just ask the crew for recommendations on the top spots for surfing, paddleboards, and other fun waterside activities.
-If you have any problems with your rental gear, just let them know and they’ll swap out the items or otherwise offer their assistance.