Adventure Park Maui

Adventure Park Maui - Fun In The Sun That You'll Never Forget!: TEMPORARILY CLOSED
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5.0 / 5
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From obstacle courses to axes throwing, Adventure Park Maui is the premiere airpark of Lahaina. Choose your favorites out of 45 different ropes courses, and select a difficulty rating for adventurers young and old. Soak in the sunlight and enjoy some incredible views from a perch on top of the world!

- The Local Expert Team

As one of the most unique attractions in Lahaina, Adventure Park Maui is rated as the best and only outdoor rope park on the island. This exciting venue has attracted thousands of visitors since opening day, and provides more than 45 different challenges to enthusiasts of all ages. Enjoy an hour and a half of fun in a safe, supportive, and family-friendly environment.

Visitors can find this one-of-a-kind park on the west coast of Maui, directly facing Lanai island across the waves. Thanks to its centralized location, a variety of eateries and other beaches can be found just a few miles away. Once you work up a sweat on the ropes course, feel free to stop by Baby Beach or the Old Lahaina Luau to cool off and fuel up in style.

Park employees make it easy to enjoy your stay at Adventure Park Maui, providing lockers to store car keys, phones, and other valuables. Instructions will also be given on how to use the park’s lock and wire system. These are adapted to stop accidents before they happen, and are reliable at weights of 270 pounds. For safety reasons, individuals who are more than 265 pounds will not be allowed to participate in the rope courses.

Your adventure will begin at the Hexapod, a large vertical structure at the center of the park that props up the majority of their ropes. Visitors to the park are not required to complete any specific courses and are given ample instruction by staff members upon arrival. There are three major course difficulty ratings to keep in mind: blue, red, and black.

  • Blue colors signify the easiest and least challenging courses, recommended for young children or those nervous about getting started. 
  • Red colors are moderately challenging, and are perfect for experienced aerial adventurers with a taste for excitement. It’s best to tackle these courses after first warming up.
  • Black colors identify the most challenging rope courses of all. Bear in mind that these do include some heavy jumping and free-falling elements, which may be a concern for those worried about heights.

Be sure to chat with your assigned course guide for more information.

Apart from their unique rope courses, Adventure Park Maui also offers some axe throwing opportunities for the bravest of visitors. The park’s one-hour axe throwing competition is an exciting way to end the day with family and friends, complete with expert instruction from the Adventure Park team. Each of their axes throwing lanes were built to world-class standards, and are a cinch to learn — even for beginners! Anywhere from 2 to 10 participants are welcome to join in on the fun, all for ages 5 and up.

Everyone is welcome to visit the aerial wonders of Adventure Park Maui. With so much to see and do, this destination is the perfect stop along any Hawaiian vacation. Build confidence, create memories, and share lots of laughs with a little help from Adventure Park Maui.

Insider Tips:
-Does someone in the family have a special day on the horizon? Adventure Park Maui would be happy to host your next birthday party! It’s a good way to keep kids of all ages busy and engaged.
-In Maui, it tends to get hot in the middle of the day. When you’re up on the Hexapod for an hour and a half, you’ll likely sweat up a storm! Try booking your visit in the earliest part of the day to avoid the blazing heat, or drop by during the cooler evenings to watch the sunset. 
-Adventure Park Maui does not close in the event of rain or light showers, but thunder and lightning will shut down the park until the storm has passed. Try and plan your visit around the weather, if at all possible.