Kinaole Grill Food Truck

Kinaole Grill Food Truck – A Classy Food Truck Serving Kihei Classic Hawaiian Favorites
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4.5 / 5
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When you want Hawaiian classics on the double, jet on over to Kinaole Grill Food Truck in Kihei. All their items come out the food truck window in huge portions, ready to satisfy all your cravings for comfort food. They’re right on the beach, too, so you can enjoy oceanfront views while you dine.

- The Local Expert Team

Kinaole Grill Food Truck never fails to come through with tasty Hawaiian classics served in large portions. All their flavors are always on point, giving you a chance to savor home-cooked comfort food done right. Want to take your meal to the next level? Just walk across the street to Kamaole Beach Park I for a casual oceanfront dining experience.

Before you can do that, it’s time to start browsing all their menu items. They make it easy by posting pictures of many of their most popular dishes right on the side of the truck. They also have their classic Hawaiian dishes written on paper menus posted near the photos. Beyond that, they have their daily specials written on the whiteboard for your convenience. Every dish comes with the same rice pilaf and organic green salad sides, so you just have to choose your main entrée.

Once you’re sure what you want, get in line and await the chance to put in your order. You can expect a warm welcome from the staff upon reaching the order window. If you have any questions about their menu items, let them fly and then use that info to finalize your selections. Once your order goes to the kitchen, they’ll whip up your dishes quickly. You can sit on the curb or just mill about for a few minutes while they plate up your meals to go.

Once your items are ready, they’ll come out the order window on paper plates – No takeout containers here. You’ll get chopsticks alongside as well, which can prove difficult to use if you want to eat in your car. Thankfully, it’s much better to take your meal across the street to the picnic tables at Kamaole Beach Park I. From there, you’ll get to enjoy spectacular oceanside views while savoring every bite of your home-cooked food.

You’re going to want to try their:

Coconut Shrimp

The Coconut Shrimp brings together all the best island flavors for your pure enjoyment. This tasty dish begins with fresh Kihei shrimp rolled in a flavorful coconut breading. Then, the shrimp go for a dip in the fryer until golden brown before landing on the plate alongside their famous dynamite sauce.

Chicken Katsu

Always made to perfection, the Chicken Katsu always hits the spot when you want breaded, fried goodness. They make this dish by breading thinly sliced chicken breast in panko crumbs. After that, they put the chicken in the fryer until golden and juicy. Two sauces come alongside, so you can dip each bite to your satisfaction.

Pulled Pork

When you want to enjoy rich barbecue flavors, go with Pulled Pork, for sure. The chef starts this dish well before you arrive by slow cooking a pork shoulder until pull-apart tender. When you order, you get a hearty helping of pulled pork put on your plate and drizzled with lots and lots of sweet barbecue sauce.  

Seared Mahi Mahi

For a light, fresh meal that delights your tastebuds, you cannot go wrong with the Seared Mahi Mahi. The chef prepares this dish by putting a thick Mahi Mahi filet on the flattop grill and seasoning it just right. After that, they let it cook until seared on the outside and flaky and delicious inside.

The huge portions make it difficult to save room in your belly, but you must try. Otherwise, you could end up missing the chance to savor their Lilikoi Cheesecake. This simple yet decadent dessert features a rectangular piece of cheesecake absolutely covered in lilikoi sauce. The tangy and sweet flavors pair together beautifully and promise to leave you wanting to come back for more.

Insider Tips:
– Skip the trip to the beach on windy days or you could wind up with sand in every bite.
– Unless you’re great with chopsticks, it’s best to bring your own utensils.