Serpico’s Restaurant

Serpico's Restaurant – Enjoy Super Tasty Jersey Style Pizza While in Upcountry Maui
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If you want to enjoy Jersey-style pizza while kicking back and relaxing in paradise, Serpico’s Restaurant is definitely the place to go. At this popular Upcountry Maui pizzeria, you can always count on getting superb food and drinks plus the friendly service to match. Although they were once a BYOB joint, they now serve beer, spiked seltzer, and wine all day long.

- The Local Expert Team

For Jersey-style pizza, pasta dishes, and all your Italian favorites, jet on over to Serpico’s Restaurant. Located in the gorgeous Upcountry Maui area, this cozy eatery brings big flavor to every bite when creating each dish to order. With their crisp crusts, melty cheese, and ultra-fresh toppings, their pizzas easily steal the spotlight. If you can get yourself to skip the ‘za and order any of their other items, however, you’ll find that they’re all equally good.

To create scrumptious Italian fare to remember, the team starts by selecting the freshest island ingredients around. Then, they prepare everything by hand, including their fresh-made, hand-tossed pizza dough. The level of care that goes into each dish shines through from the first bite through to the very last.

They put just as much care into helping you feel right at home upon walking through the doors. Every visit starts with a friendly greeting from the staff, and then they remain ever attentive throughout your meal. If you need anything while you dine, just let them know and they’ll zip it right out to your table.

The chill ambiance in their eatery goes a long way in helping you feel cozy as well. The homey seating arrangements and soft lighting set the stage for a memorable meal. Plus, music from the 60s and 70s softly plays in the background to keep you jamming away while you eagerly await your food to arrive. Although you could order up your food as takeout, the full dining experience is well worth staying right onsite.

While they were once a top spot for a chill BYOB dining experience, they’ve recently upgraded to a full liquor license. So, you can now get top-shelf wine, beer, and spiked seltzer with your meal. You’re welcome to buy your wine by the glass or the bottle or just ask them to keep the brews coming your way. Want to keep it alcohol free? That’s okay, too! They have all the best soda flavors plus cranberry juice for your enjoyment.

Check out their:

Cheesy Pepperoni Garlic Bread
If you love cheese, cheese, and more cheese, go with the ultra-decadent Cheesy Pepperoni Garlic Bread. To create this appetizer, they split a seven-inch baguette in half, and then smother each side in garlic butter. After that, tons of provolone cheese goes over the top along with more than enough pepperoni. A trip through the oven gets the cheese bubbly and brown, and then it lands on your table for you to enjoy.

Kalua Pork Special Pizza
To tantalize your tastebuds with bright Hawaiian flavors, treat yourself to the Kalua Pork Special pizza. This dish starts with thin hand-tossed dough covered in either BBQ, sweet Thai chili, or buffalo sauce. Then, they add mozzarella cheese and kalua pork before sliding it into the oven.

Shrimp Fra Diavlo
Are you in the mood for a spicy kick? If so, you cannot go wrong with the Shrimp Fra Diavlo. This popular entrée begins with nine large shrimp sauteed alongside onions, hot and sweet peppers, garlic, and a secret mix of spices. Then, they add their housemade spicy Alfredo sauce and pour it all over perfectly al dente fettucine noodles. You also get homemade focaccia bread and either a tossed or Caesar side salad.

Although it’s always tempting to end up stuffed with tasty pizza and more, save room in your belly for dessert. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on all the classics, like Tiramisu and Chocolate Toffee Mousse. Their cheesecakes are out of this world delicious as well, especially if you love a tropical kick. The Pineapple-Coconut Cheesecake, in particular, has the perfect balance of tart and sweet flavors in every bite.

Insider Tips:
-Not in the mood for pasta? Just ask to sub out your noodles for rice instead.
-They offer delivery from 5 pm to 9:30 pm. So, give them a call or put in your order online if you want your meal to arrive at your doorstep.
-If you’d like to be the master of your own destiny, build your own pizza by selecting from their basic and premium toppings. Just remember that each one comes at a price.
-Need to skip the wheat? Ask about their gluten-free pizza dough.