Ukumehame Beach Park

Ukumehame Beach Park - An Underrated Shoreline With Lots Of Potential
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Located at mile marker 12 of Highway 30, the Ukumehame Beach Park is the perfect place to kayak, picnic, and surf beneath the island's spectacular mountains. Roughly 3.5 acres of property allow sun seekers to access the beach in comfort, with 2 public restrooms, 9 picnic tables, and 6 barbecue grills. The park is filled with unique vistas and plenty of water access, making it perfect for a snack, a sunbathe, or a sunset view.

- The Local Expert Team

Covering a quaint 3.5 acres of silky, white sand, Ukumehame Beach Park is one of the most underrated coastlines in Lahaina. The unblocked view of the ocean keeps visitors coming back again and again, while its convenient location next to mile marker 12 allows tourists to visit whale lookouts, butterfly farms, and much more. If you’re looking for a place to grab lunch, take pictures, and feel the Hawaiian sand between your toes, the Ukumehame Beach Park will be the perfect stop on your itinerary. 

This beach sits on the northwest side of Maui, facing south toward Kahoolawe. Because it’s located directly off the Honoapiilani Highway, Ukumehame Beach Park is extremely accessible and very easy to spot from the road. Some visitors prefer to come early in the morning to avoid the traffic noise, while others stop by in the evenings for a glorious sunset view. In either case, you’re sure to have a lovely time!

Ukumehame Beach Park is regarded as a particularly rocky site, making it difficult to swim or snorkel. The beach is far better known for its sunbathing, kayaking, and surfing opportunities. Although there’s no shade, many people love setting up umbrellas, tents, and other sunblocks to the west of the parking lot. Remember: the earlier in the day you visit, the less wind will get in your way.

A parking lot just south of the beach houses enough space for 12 vehicles, as well as gravel parking for up to 8 additional cars. If your vehicle can handle the deeper sands of the coastline, parking along the side of the road is also available. If you do happen to grab an available parking spot, be sure to back in and enjoy the view!

This unique, rocky shoreline is known as the place of ‘a thousand peaks,’ primarily because of its gentle, white-capped waves. Many kayakers enjoy launching from this beachfront during the earlier hours of the morning, while other visitors take up surfing lessons as they practice the sport. You’ll likely spot many locals paddling out to sea, especially during weekdays.

You’ll just love the gentle breezes and gradual swells of the Ukumehame Beach Park, with shore-worn trees swaying just a few feet from the park’s 9 picnic tables. As the wind and sun begin to intensify during the afternoon, many visitors take to the water to cool off and explore. You might not be able to swim very deeply in this swallow reef, but you can certainly wade for a good distance. Just make sure to wear your water shoes!

Although there is no lifeguard present, Ukumehame Beach Park’s agreeable tides and shallow water is rarely cause for concern. Just be sure to watch your step as you descend into the water – and watch out for any rocks blocking your path.

Whether you’re visiting with a growing family or simply taking a detour, the Ukumehame Beach Park is a wonderful spot to relax, unwind, and appreciate the natural beauty of a Hawaiian sunrise.

Insider Tips:
-Come as early as possible to snag your place on the park’s picnic benches, and capture some outstanding views of the mountains across the highway (including Haleakala).
-Both kayaking tours and surfing lessons are given on the beach, allowing you to try something new. Bear in mind that you’ll need to book your slot independently, and well in advance.
-Ukumehame Beach Park is perfectly quiet during the week, but tends to fill up on Saturdays and Sundays. If you can, try to stop by this lovely coastline on a less conventional weekday.