Honokeana Bay

Honokeana Bay – Where to Snorkel Around with the Sea Turtles in Beautiful Napili
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If you want to check out amazing sea turtles gliding through the water, just jet on over to Honokeana Bay. Located in beautiful Napili, this beach can prove difficult to navigate, but it’s worth the effort to get in the water. Be sure to bring your waterproof camera to capture photos of a lifetime.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

At Honokeana Bay, sea turtles serve as the stars of the show. These magnificent sea creatures proudly call the bay waters their home, often showing up in large numbers all day long. Unlike other beaches, the turtles do not just make their appearance at sunset, only to leave again as the sun rises. They spend their entire days gliding through the crystal-clear waters and resting on the rocky shore.

In order to get a glimpse, you will have quite a journey ahead of you. The beach access is dicey at best. First, you need to find parking, which is a tall order all on its own. The cove sits surrounded by condo communities. You might have luck trying to nab a spot at the Napili Point Resort Condos, but it’s likely best to just get a taxi or ride-share driver to drop you off here. The Kapalua Bay Public Beach Parking is also a short walk of around 15 minutes. If you’re up for a little walk before the beach, this could be a great option as well.

Upon arriving, you’ll need to walk down to the shore, and then carefully scramble over the rocks to get into the water. There’s absolutely no sand anywhere on the beach to rest on, so skip the beach chairs and the like. Instead, just focus on getting into the water where you can swim, snorkel, and take fun photographs.

As you get into the water, you’ll undoubtedly start to spot sea turtles in your midst right away. You might even get to see squid, tropical fish, or other marine life as well. Just be forewarned, the turtles are not the least bit shy. They will likely swim right up to you but do your best to stay back and give them their space.

Never touch the turtles on purpose or feed them anything at all. They are federally protected creatures, so you could get in serious trouble if you break the rules. If the turtles come up to you, just gently swim away to create extra space between you and the marine life. Do the same for all the other creatures you come across to honor the island and its inhabitants.

Come by to:

Go Swimming
Although there are no sandy shores, the dazzling waters always serve as a great place to swim. The bay keeps the rough waves to a minimum, making it easy to kick around at your leisure. The breathtaking views in every direction add to the magical swimming experience, as does the chill ambiance all around. 

Snorkel with Turtles
Want to check out the sea turtles in all their glory? Put on a snorkel mask and dip your face into the water to see beneath the surface. The crystal-clear water allows you to see quite far, especially if you arrive early in the morning before visitors kick up the silt. Minimal waves let the marine life just float along majestically and put on quite a show for onlookers.

Take Underwater Photos
If you want to share all the stunning sights, put your underwater camera beneath the waves and start snapping away. With the clear view ahead, your pictures will come out great, showing all the wonders in your midst. You can then use them as backgrounds for your phone and share them freely with your friends and family.

Want instant access to the beach? Choose the Honokeana Cove condos as your accommodations of choice. You’ll get to simply walk over to the stunning bay waters whenever your heart desires. Their short staircase makes it easy to get down to the beach, too. So, you don’t have to scramble over so many rocks.

Insider Tips:
-Definitely wear water shoes with good grip. The slippery rocks often have sharp edges that could cut your feet.
-There are no trash cans onsite. So, pack out whatever you bring with you. Want to help preserve the ocean beauty? Bring a trash bag and pick up any litter you come across during your visit.