Rainy Day Activities in Lanai

Getting rained on is never a fun time, especially when you’re on vacation in such an outdoor environment such as Lanai. It’s unfortunate when the rain starts pouring down as you’re gallivanting about this smaller island of Hawaii, but there is still plenty to do on the island when weather gets in the way.

So, what exactly is there to do when it’s raining in Lanai? Well, here are some of the top activities to keep you entertained during your rainy vacation.

Check out these top 4 activities to enjoy in Lanai while it’s raining outside:

Dine-in at a Restaurant

Photo Credit by @chansmunchiezz

Head inside and take a seat, there are some magnificent restaurants and bars to keep you occupied. Spend your night in a fine-dining atmosphere like ONE FORTY American Steak. Steaks not your thing? Head over to Nobu Lanai to capture the perfect Japanese flavors you’ll want to take home with you. Of course, if it’s rainy at the beginning of your day, you cannot go wrong with a bakery and cafe like the Blue Ginger Cafe.

Head to the Spa

Photo Credit by @sensei on Instagram

Lanai is known for its luxury and pampering, which makes the spa seem like an almost obvious choice. The Hawanawana Spa at Four Seasons offers services as Ritual Body Treatments, Massages, Poolside Services, and more! If you want a truly immersive spa experience, the Spa at Sensei Lanai is another spa in Lanai that will remove you from the hustle and bustle of vacation. Join in the Bodywork and Massage services or Private 1-on-1 Sessions. These spa treats will surely make you forget the rain and focus on your inner strength.

Indulge in Some Great Island Art

photo Credit by @lanai5thfriday on Instagram

Peruse the aisles of different art galleries while you’re on the island. Head over to the Mike Carroll Gallery and appreciate his passion for bringing the essence of Lanai to life. Art browsing is a fan-favorited activity and lets you see the true art of the Lanai culture and creativity. Then, once you’ve browsed through the island artwork, take some art home with you or send some to a friend or family member.

Educate Yourself with Culture

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When you’re visiting an island that you’re unfamiliar with, it’s important to get to know the history and culture of the island. To do this, what better way than visiting a few museums? The Lanai Culture and Heritage Center is a wonderful spot to honor the past and present of Lanai. Witness memorial to fallen veterans and learn about the land. Visiting this history center is the rainy day activity you won’t regret doing.

With these top activities to participate in, you won’t find yourself bored from the rain falling down during your vacation. Hit the spa, indulge in some shopping around town, visit museums, and dine at the excellent restaurants. You won’t regret spending your time in Lanai, no matter the weather.