7 Activities in Lanai for Couples

Vacationing with your significant other can be filled with some of the most romantic memories and intimate moments. Whether it be midnight walks underneath the stars or day hikes to stunning views, there are many things to do in Lanai to help bring you two closer. In fact, we have seven different activities that the two of you can enjoy together — leaving you both full of love and admiration for one another at the end of your trip.

Here are 7 activities to enjoy with your significant other on the island of Lanai:

Sweetheart Rock/Puupehe

Credit: @teru_teru87

Puupehe, also known as Sweetheart Rock, is folklore and history. A folklore story of two lovers and a beautiful tragedy will have you embracing your significant other at the love you share for one another. Not only is the story magnificent, but Sweetheart Rock also makes for wonderful picture opportunities together. Endure a short hike to get to this landmark, and overlook the ocean of Lanai.

Garden of the Gods

Photo Credit by @rui_photography_77 on Instagram

Travel through the Garden of the Gods and witness the rock formations and boulders of this natural park. A rare sight to revel in, the colors of orange and red will have you both hypnotized with the beauty of Lanai. Take the day to walk around or ride through with mountain bikes. A sure adventure to entertain the day away.

Polihua Beach

Photo Credit by @evelyn_r_ on Instagram

The longest white sand beach of Lanai, Polihua Beach is a perfectly serene and picturesque beach. Spend the day together having a picnic or strolling along the shore. This beach isn’t necessarily known for its great swimming, so it’s best to stay out of the water. Instead, sunbathe or read a book — and take in the surrounding views and beauty of the island.

Koloiki Ridge

Credit: @dallinanderson

Around a 4 mile hike, Koloiki Ridge is an easy trail to walk together with incredible views. Try to catch the sunrise together, or simply take a few pictures together! Koloiki Ridge also allows dogs on this trail, as long as they have a leash. This trail is also less-crowded for those who don’t want to be around large groups.

Trilogy Lanai

Photo Credit by @tioga_time on Instagram

Discover Lanai with Sail Trilogy to Lanai! With prices ranging from $0-250, this sailing adventure will take you all around Lanai, and in the water if you want. Breakfast and lunch is served as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and complimentary sunscreen if you forget your own.

Sensei by Nobu

Photo Credit by @raul_pdt on Instagram

A fine-dining and resort-like experience awaits at Sensei by Nobu. A glass pavilion that sits upon a pond, this atmosphere is truly like no other. With menu items such as; potato soup, veal chop, and shabu shabu — you both will taste special flavors and remember a magical night at this Lanai restaurant.

Lanai is full of luxurious and pampering opportunities as well as marvelous views and tasteful treats. Pack your bags and plan the vacation of a lifetime with your loved one. You both are sure to enjoy every intimate moment together. Make sure you take plenty of pictures to add to your scrapbook, you’ll want to remember this trip forever!