Top 5 Activities to Enjoy with the Kids in Lanai

When most people think of Lanai, they associate it with the idea that there isn’t much to do on this small island. That being the case, people worry that their kids will end up being bored or won’t have much to do. Luckily for those worriers, while there may not be as much to do as some of the larger islands, there is still plenty to enjoy while visiting the island of Lanai.

Lanai has incredible beaches, local shopping, inspiring attractions, and delicious restaurants. When it comes to the kids, however, they really are in for some special activities. Bring on the animal-loving, swim fanatic fun!

Here are 5 activities you can enjoy with your children on the island of Lanai:

Lanai Cat Sanctuary

Photo Credit by @lanaicatsanctuary on Instagram

Surround yourself right meow with furry feline friends at the Lanai Cat Sanctuary. This non-profit organization has been in the works since around 2004 and has expanded its efforts to more than 600 cats. They offer visitation for all of those cat lovers out there, and that is actually where they get the majority of their funding to take care of these hundreds of cats that have found their home in this sanctuary. Bring the kids to pet these wandering babies and enjoy a day in cat bliss.

Stables at Koele

Photo Credit by @parkerbilecky on Instagram

Lanai on horseback is an experience like no other. Not interested in riding a horse? That’s fine. They also offer horse-drawn carriages! Breathtaking views of Lanai with a little different perspective. The kids will love being surrounded by the majestic horses at the Stables of Koele. Interested in lessons? Check out the Stables of Koele Facebook to inquire about an available slot.

Garden of the Gods

Photo Credit by @stephaniehollandhuber on Instagram

Keahiakawelo, also known as Garden of the Gods, is a rock garden full of adventure. Ride through this desert land with a mountain bike if the family is feeling adventurous. A great learning adventure, educate yourself on the land’s history prior to what it became today. Garden of the Gods is most mesmerizing at sunset or sunrise, so if you and the kids want memorable views — those are the best times to visit.

Dole Park

Photo Credit by @lanaihealth on Instagram

Because what kid doesn’t love a good old-fashioned park? Head over to Dole Park for an outdoor game like frisbee or football. Dole Park is a large grassy area equipped with a playground. This park is the ideal spot to enjoy a midday outing and picnic with the family, followed by hours of fun in the grass. Dole Park also holds events often at this location, so be on the lookout to add anything special to the calendar.

Go Snorkeling at Hulopoe Beach

Photo Credit by @jaibabapdx on Instagram

You and the kids interested in a little swim and snorkel action? Check out Hulopoe Beach, offering some of the best snorkeling on the island. You’ll definitely catch a glimpse at a ton of fish underneath these waters. Be careful, however, as there are no lifeguards on this beach. That being said, these waters are relatively calm and are the perfect condition for a casual swim session.

While Lanai may not be the biggest island, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t loads of fun activities for you and the family to enjoy together. Put on your snorkeling goggles, bring the frisbee, get drawn by horse carriage, and enjoy the wildlife and nature that this beautiful island has to offer. The kids will not be disappointed when you bring them to Lanai.