3 Sunset Locations You Can’t Miss While in Lanai

What’s more relaxing, romantic, and exciting than seeing bright colors illuminated across the sky. Sunsets in Hawaii are something you’ll want to take home with you. Orange, pink, and yellows continuously light up the sky each night with photographic sunsets you won’t be able to believe your eyes. When visiting Lanai, there are 3 locations to watch a sunset that undoubtedly stick out.

When in Lanai, don’t miss out on these 3 sunset locations:

Hulopo’e Beach

Photo Credit by @ahartfox1 on Instagram

Fantastic snorkeling and large tide pools take over Hulopoe Beach in Lanai. Take part in water activities before the sun goes down and stay to watch the colors fill the sky. This beach is in front of the Four Seasons Resort in Lanai and it’s truly an expansive view of crystal waters and magnificent sunsets. Try swimming here or surfing, but be aware that it could potentially be dangerous and that there are no lifeguards present.

Kaunolu Village Site/Trail

Photo Credit by @island_mum on Instagram

Kaunolu Village was a fishing village back in the 1800s and is now one of the more popular places to catch a sunset. Look out at the Lanai seacliffs as the sun goes down and radiates orange across the ocean. There is a trail here, the Kaunolu Trail, but it is said to be extremely difficult so take caution when hiking and wear the right gear. You can only get to Kaunolu by 4 wheel drive as well so make sure that you are driving the right vehicle to enter this village site.

Garden of the Gods/Keahiakawelo

Photo Credit by @gibbonsphoto on Instagram

Grab your mountain bike or 4 wheel drive vehicle! Garden of the Gods, also known as Keahiakawelo, is a rock garden roughly an hour away from the heart of Lanai. The Garden of the Gods is an extremely popular attraction, with people ever wanting to learn more about this garden and explore the land. A wonderful place to watch the sunset, let the sun go down as you admire the rocks surrounding you in this desert-like terrain.

Sunsets are bound to pop up throughout your visit to the Big Island of Hawaii, but knowing where the best locations are to spot them is a complete game-changer. Elevate your vacation experience by going to one of these three spots and you’ll be happier that you did.